The Bees Rang: they want their Good Things Back (review)

The Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser Review

If you are interested, get it from Ebay here. No matter which way you spell it: moisturizer or moisturiser, it does the same thing okay?

What is not to like about this one, the price tag was reasonable when I bought it, at AUD10, this is a bargain for a cream that is free from SLS, Parabens and mineral oils. But it is not strictly free from chemicals. There are plenty of interesting sounding things in the package, like octocrylene, which is a sunscreen. You may have noticed that this Good Things actually has no SPF numbered on it.

May be the sun protection factor is not strong enough, hence it does not show anywhere that it contains UV blocking action. As a chemical sunscreen, you might want to do a patch test if you are sensitive to those kind of stuff.

What other things Good Things Stole from the Bees

Beeswax is the main moisturizing¬†factor in the cream, while there’s honey, royal jelly and bee venom in the mix. I did mention that bee venom is quite a popular anti- wrinkle agent that is bee- friendly. No bees are harmed physically, but I am not sure if they are psychologically scarred. So someone in the company have thought to use all the bees have to offer. They also have Echinacea, Orange oil, coriander fruit oil, Clary oil to name a few interesting herbal sources.

Hence, those who suffer from daisy allergies have to seriously consider testing it somewhere non obvious before using it on the face. Just because it is free from “nasty stuff” does not mean you will not get a reaction. It does say on the packaging not to be used by those who are allergic to bee and wasp stings. So, not a one size for all cream.


I feel for the bees, but this is good stuff here. The Good Things brand is made in the UK, which I am sure that you might be happy to note. Not sure if it tests on animals, though I hope not. This daily moisturiser helps with replenishing hydration, stopping dryness and giving you some help with the anti- ageing department. Since I paid $10 for it, I think I have snagged a bargain there.

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