Coen Rich Q10 Hand cream Review

CoenRich Q10 Medicated Whitening Hand Cream Moist Gel by Kose

I have this in my box for a while know, as I bought it while I was in Japan. After finishing all of my hand creams, I finally reach Kose’s CoenRich hand cream. However, I should specify that this is a moist gel formulation. Kose has a few different formulations of the same range. The red one is Deep Moisture, orange is normal, and purple is night renew.

I should have chosen the night renew hand cream, but oh well. All three says whitening, only the night renew has somewhat of a different formulation.

Do I like it?

Short answer is no. The moisture gel is a light formulation, it is definitely more suitable for use during the day. It absorbs fairly quickly, leaving this cool feeling as you massage into the skin. However, I have been using it at night, and I do not feel that it is thick or luxurious enough for a night use.

Plus, I do not feel as if my hands are improving. Normally, when I use hand cream, I can tell that they are softer or just the same. With the gel, my skin are not actually looking “younger” but rather they are dryer than usual. I feel that I need another hand cream, and there’s no more in my box.

So, at the moment I am actually using ointment and baby lotion. Since Princess Brat had a skin problem, I have been buying way too many emollients that does not work on her. The ointment works okay as it helps stop her skin from drying out, but I haven’t been getting good results from products that promises them.

On a side note, she totally likes massages. Every time I massage her arms to get the ointment into her skin, she closes her eyes in enjoyment. Totally a brat.

For all my hand cream adventures, this one turns out to be a complete disappointment. Maybe I will look out for the purple one.

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