Hannah’s Moon Review

Hannah’s Moon
Author: John A Heldt
Series: American Journey 5
Genre: Time travel, Sci-Fi, WW2, Historical Fiction

Hannah’s Moon is Special

I love the cover, to the illustrator, well done. Simple and beautiful, like the book. Sometimes, it is the simplest’ story told well that can capture people’s heart. Hannah’s Moon is one such book, the theme is family. I have received this book from the author for a fair review. John Heldt has been great to me, keeping me happy. All the books from him are time- travel related, with a good touch of history.

Without good knowledge of history, writing a time- travel story that goes to the past can be tricky. There are many things to watch out for, hence it is a challenging genre for authors to write. Important historical events, language nuances and even fashion mistakes can make the story seem out of whack if you are not careful with the details.

I have been blessed with all five of the American Journey books (I feel so special) and I still find Indiana Belle my favorite. Close second would be Hannah’s Moon though, because it is pretty interesting. This one has a bigger focus on family, and how the adoption process has changed over the decades.

Not that I am one to complain, a lot of red tape has been put to reduce the risk of children getting into dangerous positions, the world is no longer the kind place people used to know. Even during war times, there is a bigger community involvement than now, where I hardly know my neighbors. Not to mention how children are falling prey to sexual predators and bad things.

Maybe it is better reporting, or because Big Brother is watching more closely, I do not know. It can be heartbreaking when children cannot find loving foster/ adoptive parents due to some minority. Just ranting, Hannah’s Moon does get you thinking about the current world situation about children.


It is a finale worthy story, because from the first book, our professor Bell had always been working towards a goal. Five families touched, and setting up towards a bigger future where Heldt can come back to his time- traveling universe when he wants to. A stroke of genius, leaving the door unlocked, but gives the readers closure to the time- traveling series.

While Hannah’s Moon is a great heart- warming family story, it might be the only book in the five that you might need tissues. I am not saying that the others are not tear- jerking, this one may be more effective.Hannah's Moon is a story about how far a person can go to become great parents. Would you travel through time for a baby? Click To Tweet


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