HAPPY 2022

How was Your New Year?

My Christmas and New Year celebrations are down the drain, spending time in partial isolation because cases are on the climb here in Adelaide. The mixed messages between federal government and state government make it really hard to keep up with the guidelines. In South Australia, close contact is 15 minutes while the rest of the country is 4 hours. See what I’m saying?

All the daily changes confuse people enough that no one really knows what’s what anymore. So the situation sucks if you are in health care, always trying to find out if what your customer’s saying is true. If you ask me, that is a waste of my time, especially when we are so close to New Year. It’s ridiculous.

Plus, I have a few close contact scares. My work place currently has a requirement.

Me in full combat mode
Me in full combat mode

Even with the air-con on full blast, I sweat in that regalia. The N95 is hard enough to breathe in, and the face shield just suffocates. Work is getting some safety glasses, but that takes a while. I do hope I survive long enough for the swap. This is what I have to wear to not get sick, because our lovely government has decided that health workers can work even if they test positive. That is how desperate they are, not desperate enough to go on a soft lockdown or limit movement. Just desperate enough to make people work and spread Omicron around.

Because why not? Herd immunity, right? You are here for the vaccine, and here’s a side of real Covid on the house. Oh yes, I am also an immuniser, it’ll be one day where I give the virus, both dead and alive, to my patients.

Ushering to the New Year

I’m doing a movement limit, with 2 kids it’s really hard. They hate staying inside, but it is too hard to stay in the park. So we have been playing Plague Inc. on my computer.

board game

It also comes in a board game if you are not a fan of technology (pic and link above). It is basically a game where you are tiny bacteria or virus trying to infect the entire world and then kill everyone. That’s it. The goal of the game is to kill humanity. There are 4 levels: casual, normal, brutal and mega brutal.

It is not a hard or violent game. Prince Brat just enjoys making the virus spread and kill people, while learning how tiny microorganisms can spread. While you can argue that it’s not educational or just plain mean, I think this is an easy way for me to say: please wash your hands, it’s full of bugs.

What I got for Christmas (one of …)

I got these really nice Chanel bath bombs, I won’t do a review on it, because it’s just a bath bomb that makes me smell nice.
So that’s my boring Christmas and New Year!
Hope you guys have been looking after yourselves =)
Stay safe!

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