Happy Lunar New Year & Some Updates

Happy Lunar New Year OF THE RAT!

I am struggling to update my post at a regular basis, because I have been a little busy lately playing with other things.

First, an update of.. my pandan

Around this time last year I got myself a birthday present! Happy birthday to my pandan too, for it has survived my home for 11 months and 1 week. It experienced the cold winter and the week of 40 degrees celsius, managed to came out well. So I am pleased, perhaps I should now give it a name? I should have put something nice and red for the Lunar New Year, but I seriously don’t want to jinx my precious plant.

I have used some leaves, but some corners have turned brown a little. Not sure why, they say that it turns brown if I over or under water it. With the hotter months, I am leaving it out when I water, usually in the shade. But the photo is a good day: nice sun but not hot. I am sure it enjoys the day out. At the moment it is still an indoor plant, the hot days are too hot, but the night can still drop to 16 degrees. At least in the kitchen, the temperature is a little more constant, especially near my small aquarium.

My Sourdough Starter

I do not know why, but recently my feed shows me articles of Panettone, starting 2 weeks ago. It is strange because it’s a Christmas treat, and I am into Lunar New Year. Perhaps I have been reading too much about sourdough that Google thinks I need some inspiration? Talk about spying man ><. The result of reading about the yummy sweet Italian bread?

Oh yeah, you are looking at my starter, converted into Lievito madre. If you are still wondering about what this blob is, you can read a hilarious fiction name (aptly) Sourdough. I am not trying to make Panettone because I am trying to lose weight (eggs and butter have to be at a minimum). But, I only have to feed this baby once a week, joyous! The jar contains 1 blob, and 2% sugar water to bathe and rejuvenate it.

It is a lot of work if you are starting out, but my sourdough was 100% hydration for months and months, and it already had all the yeast and bacteria before I make it into a 50% stiff dough. Summary, I got lazy trying to feed it every day so I am putting it in hibernation.

This is a photo of by baby going to bed. The binding method, I read, creates a low oxygen/ high carbon dioxide environment to trigger more lactic acid.

I am not sure if this looks correct.

And the bath took longer than what most other bakers’ sourdough. However, I am happy with the outcome. I no longer have to worry about the sourness of the bread after backing. While I still smell acid (the sourness), it does not translate into the bread. I can see why Panettone is so expensive, the labor that goes into preparing this baby was enough to make me doubt my sanity.

While reading about this, I also came across baking bread using the autolyse method. However, I am sorry there’re no photos because the Royals in my family have inhaled the autolysed method sourdough pizza.

Don’t let the word scare you though, it is an extra step worth taking if you have gluten intolerance. The idea/ theory is to weaken some gluten enough to make it easier to digest, but not break enough that you can’t have fluffy bread.


and you wonder why I can’t lose weight

May the Lunar New Year be another reason for you to keep your new year’s resolution.

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