Why I Hate Summer : Lame Reasons

Summer Melts My Ice Cream

Image from Pexel

I found this on Pexel, and the anguish of not being able to eat that cool ice- cream on a hot day is just one of the things that I hate. It is horrible! The pain of watching my savior die a horrible death.

Not to mention, Prince Brat has trouble understanding that ice- creams melt, and ends up sticky all over. This will not happen during Winter, ice- creams take longer to melt during winter. Plus, they taste a lot better when you enjoy it slowly

Of course, there is always ice-cream in a bowl. Back home in Malaysia, we get shaved ice, which is filled with agar and cool stuff, topped with syrup and peanuts. It is yummy and a whole lot less messy than an ice-cream cone. Plus you can read while eating from a bowl.

 Summer Brolly

In Adelaide, people stare at me when I am holding an umbrella on a fine, hot, sizzling day. When in fact I want to ask them why are they so keen on getting fried under the sun? I usually buy umbrellas that have SPF protection, as well as windproof, darn that wind.  My husband tells me to wear a hat, which I would prompt shoot him imaginary daggers with my eyes.

Hello, my body is as precious as my head! Why leave the rest of me frying just to protect my face… The sun is merciless during summer in Adelaide. We have had a few 40C days already. Going to be beach? brings me to the next reason. Same reason goes got why I wear long sleeve shirts and long pants during the hottest day of the year, I am already hot, that extra inch is not going to make it any less/ more hotter. Might as well avoid getting cancer, and save on sunscreen. Do you know if those SPF UV protection clothing works?

Dry Skin

As if my skin is not dry enough, the lack of humidity makes it even worse. Skin oils have a higher chance of turning rancid in this heat, and so I have to rely on gels and creams. Problem with that, is that they do not last very long. What is worse, is that the itch comes after the dryness.

Dermalogica Body Therapy Body Hydrating Cream

So I have to lunge body creams everywhere I go! It bloody annoying, but I am used to it now, because sometimes winter wind is just as drying on my skin. If you are wondering, we do not switch on the heater as often, usually we just wear extra. Plus, during winter I could spritz water to up the humidity. Summer I tend to avoid spritzing water, because some days are so humid I sweat.

Summer Sweat Sucks

I sweat, and my skin produces oil. Then I look like a raccoon after a few hours. I haven’t got a photo of me looking like one at the moment. I have not bothered trying to put makeup on myself, Princess Brat loves to hit things, and demands attention now. It is a little difficult to have a “face of the day”

Luckily, my skin is not that bad, I can get away without make up on normal days. Being married definitely has made me lazier >.<


If I do need to do some makeup, I read a lot of review about this Maybelline Setting Spray. At $7 to Urban Decay’s $20, it is worth a try. So far I haven’t see it yet, or maybe because I am not actively looking. If you have tried it, do let me know if it is worth getting Urban Decay instead. Make up runs away from my face, so I really do not mind paying more if it is better.

Summer is here for now

But my favorite is still Spring and Autumn, but Autumn is actually my favorite.

Spring has too much flowers, and makes me sneeze… yes I suffer from hay fever. It is not as bad as summer, when winds blow and you can see pollen everywhere. Bees too! They are always buzzing around during Spring and Summer, I like them but I also like to avoid them. Worse of all, it is hard to escape summers heat, because we have had power outages when it gets too hot.

However, summer might be the easiest season to write about if you are writing on a book. Right? It is hot, humid and bloody relentless. Did you know that Oodanatta tried to fry and egg on the shovel and it cooked in 2014?  Something for you to write about.


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5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Summer : Lame Reasons

  1. Not close to summer here yet, but I do want that umbrella. We get too much wind but I like those better than hats. I also think that ice cream on a hot day makes it better… but I agree about the melty part! LOL

    1. the melty part is the worst part about summer and ice creams. actually i hate it most when kids have a hold of it and it gets all sticky… ugh

  2. Ugh, I’m so not a fan of summer either Ailyn. I find the only makeup I tend to use it a matte powder with a sweep of gloss. Going in and out of the air conditioned house then to the car, in the heat, I find makeup tends to melt off and make my skin itch with the temperature changes. One tip if you have to wear makeup during summer, is buy an Evian spritz. Just a light spritz walk through on your face will help to reset your makeup and make you look a little fresher.

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