Her Bad Idea

Her Bad Idea

Author: Sagan Morrow
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Polyamorous, Adult

Book: Amazon, Kobo

Little about Her

Scarlett Mitchell is desperate. Even though Lady Salty Sweet is doing well, her finances are not. Scarlett gets offered to do the BeDazzled Dance Competition, but only in the doubles division, so her agent partners up with Pete Fraser. Right off the bat, Scarlett and Pete have a thing going, not the good kind. Begrudgingly, she agrees to do the competition for the money, as Pete wants the fame and not the fortune.

When you have a confident woman partnering with a confident man, sparks fly, but not always the good and fun ones. For Scarlett and Pete, arguing and fighting is a daily evil. But with her friends Emma and Helen supporting her, Scarlett sees a different side of her dance partner. While Pete always pokes fun at her, he seems to care about her feelings a lot, not like she noticed.


The main character is Scarlett Mitchell in Her Bad Idea. She’s a strong and confident person who wants to keep her passion going. While she’s got the reputation of being a good burlesque dancer, that does not mean that she’s raking it in. Hence the dance competition and sticking to a partner whom she loves to hate.

Pete Fraser is the love (dis)interest in the story. He seems to like to rile Scarlett up to see her temper flare. Well, Scarlett only fights with him in the story, but she’s always meek with her friends and family to a point. I wonder if Scarlett realises that she trusts him more than some of the people she hangs out with, because she always tells the truth to his face.

Emma and Helen are her best friends who are coincidentally poly amorous, their stories are featured in previous Sagan Morrow books. They seem to be a supportive force behind Scarlett, and I am glad that she has such loving friends.


The dance started with the word “no” and you know that this is going to be fun. Scarlett frequently questions her bad idea, but she really needs to money to stay afloat. What’s worse, is that the media thinks that they have chemistry and are an actual couple. While they continue with the charade, Scarlett and Pete are both wondering if it was a good idea to pair up for the competition. Their fights and moments of honesty really shines a light on how great these two characters are and how well they interact with each other; even if they don’t see it that way.


This will not be a poly amorous piece if there is no third party, but for now I am content with Pete and Scarlett. Their chemistry is sparkling and I do hope that Pete does love her for her wits and independence =)

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