Honey Gold: Murder in Savannah Book 2 Review

Honey Gold
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Series: Murder in Savannah
Genre: YA, mystery, thriller
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Honey Gold is Interesting Because there’s not honey involved

I am also confused as to why this is Honey Gold, but maybe I am missing a point somewhere? The first book: Emerald Green is where it all starts. Addie Smith meets Tom Sutton. Honey Gold is a continuation of the story, you will not get very far if you have not read Emerald Green.

One thing I find annoying, is that the dead does not stay dead. This has been like an issue in the creative writing world since JK Rowling pulled that trick. Everyone seems to like to jump on the “dead not dead” bandwagon, and seriously it is getting a little too common. I am not averse to some if it is good to the plot, but overusing it is like cheating.

Opps, I killed a key character, let’s bring back to life! It’s called poetic license, not writer’s license.


There are conflicts between Addie and her mates, they care about her, but Addie’s friends have lives too. As Addie and Tom tries to find a foothold in their relationship, the problems threaten to tear them apart. Not to mention the villain who tried to kill them broke out of jail.

While I enjoy the growth and maturity of our heroine and hero, she’s not really that smart. I like my heroines more active or assertive, but Addie is more reactive. She is brave, and selfless but still quite reactive and at times… clueless. Tom however has lots of secrets that he should be sharing, but that is for the next book I think.


Not terribly impressed, though this is not bad for a sequel. On the scale of read to DNF, it ranks a half and half. The writing is solid, a little bit slow on the pace. The characters are not always boring, but seriously Addie needs to use her brain a little more often.

Now I really hope the villain stays dead next time.

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