Horrorstör makes you think twice about stepping into a furniture store

Horrorstör has a cover that might remind you of a certain furniture store, and that is the intention of author Grady Hendrix. The setting of Orsk is like the famous store, but it is in Cuyahoga County in Ohio. The illustration hints which store they are emulating, but that is where the similarity ends. Horrorstör starts with a description of the all-American furniture superstore in a snarky manner. Soon you have the main character rushing in late. Amy Porter is your average store “partner”- your typical store employee that is worked too hard and paid too little.

Hints everywhere

It is not every day that you have employees starting the day with frustration; usually, people start a work day with general resignation or happiness to be back at work. Things are different in store number 00108. First, the door doesn’t want to open, then the escalator travelled in the opposite direction.

Soon, the deputy manager requested Amy and Ruth Anne to help him nab the culprit who had been creating trouble in Orsk after dark. Despite Amy’s snarky remarks and Ruth Anne’s willingness to help, they faced with a mysterious darkness.

Basil Washington doesn’t want to disappoint his superior Pat, so he wanted to get things solved before people from HQ arrived. Soon, everything falls into pieces, but Matthew and Trinity arrived to help. Despite Amy’s initial reluctance, she quickly realized that things are not what they seem.

The Horror bits

Although they had initially found a vagrant named Carl, who had admitted to staying in the store after dark. Amy discovered some interesting addition in Orsk at night, so things go scary as they progressed through the night. Things quickly went from nabbing the culprit who had been creating a mess to surviving the night. Together with Basil, Matthew, Trinity and Ruth Anne, Amy tried to escape the store that was determined to keep them there for a sinister reason.

As the night wore on, Amy and Basil connected in a more friendly manner, becoming somewhat friends. Orsk revealed its history, and all they wanted by then was to escape alive. But the store’s night time owner has other more sinister ideas.


I borrowed Horrorstör after someone recommended it during Nanowrimo. The book was pretty to read with the skillful hints and illustrations that made the experience more like a certain furniture store. Amy was snarky, although not sure if comedy was the main theme.

Overall, I’d never look at furniture stores the same way again.

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