Hounded by Kevin Hearne Review

Author: Kevin Hearne
Series: Iron Druid #1
Genre: paranormal, horror, fantasy
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Hounded : At home and In the book

I think it is appropriate to use this book to tell you about my lack of posts: I was hounded by a cold. It followed Prince Brat back from school one day, and refused to leave. Granted, the weather here is cold and wet, but that does not mean that it is welcome in my home. So far, Princess and I have caught the bug, and it is showing no signs of leaving. I think it has also mutated to the point where Prince Brat is catching it again.

Not only that, I am hounded by the work I have to catch up on. Ok, I shall stop now.

No prize for guessing why I got this book, the books behind me are Prince Brats. Though I have not read them to him, they are of similar genre: horror and fantasy. The New Year Beast is why we Chinese wear red and loves fire crackers, you get the drift. I bet Atticus is hoping that his beasts are that easy to get rid of.


If you are new to this series, Atticus is 2100 years old, give or take. He is the last of the Druids, and he is named the Iron Druid because he uses Iron to protect himself. Kind of, the story is more than that. The book starts with a witty introduction, also a view on his life in general. Poor guy has been running away from a certain Fae for that long, that he is tired of running and hiding. Couple that with Gods of all religion and crazy neighbours, you will have the story.

I borrowed this book following Caffeinated Reviewer‘s love for the series. Honestly, I would have liked to borrow the audible per her review, but books are the way to go for me. It is very hard to listen to audiobooks when your kids are singing baby shark in their out of tune voices, in falsetto and forte. Words, although troublesome in the dark, is easier to process.


Look a Graphic Novel!!

Atticus O’Sullivan- the hero. The first person narrator is he. Witty, snarky at times, master at blending in (literally and figuratively).¬† Atticus is somewhat my dream guy, if there was no target on his back. A natural earth- loving- person, he is a great friend when he wants to be.

Oberon- his loyal dog. By the name, you know that his master is a Shakespeare fan.

Hallbjörn Hauk Рknown as Hal most of the time, Hal is a werewolf, and of course he is in a pack. Hal is also a lawyer ( should I say day time partner) in a law firm.

Leif- Icelandic vampire, night time partner of the said law firm. Leif and Hal share nothing in common, except hatred for a certain hammer wield God.

While the list is actually longer, I would like to stay on this four because they are instrumental in the book. Not to say the other characters are less important, but they are good points of introduction without bogging this review down.


Should I compare Atticus to all the other cat- and- mouse type books that I have read? I don’t think it is fair. For once, there is no romance in this book. Atticus is really bent on not dying, while someone is really bent on ending his life. We all know who it is, that is no secret. Truth to be told, I enjoyed this book a lot! I learned a lot of Celtic lore and history, while pondering his views about religion and a lot of other things.

He might be a wise- crack, but he is after all twenty- one centuries old. He is have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and I believe his desperation to survive makes me want to live on too.

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