House of Belonging (Hesse Creek Series) Review

House of Belonging
Author: Andrea Thome
Genre: New Adult, romance
Series: Hesse Creek 3 of 3
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House of Belonging

This is the final instalment of the Hesse Creek series, House of Belonging follows Laina Ming and Logan Matthews. Since I read book three first, I had to dig a little. It appears that our horse rancher is related to Willow, the first heroine in the book. Despite not really knowing the full story, it was an easy enough read. Mostly because Logan and Laina’s story does not relate much with the previous books?


Laina Ming is a renowned chef who went to a vegan culinary school. She came to beautiful and idyllic Rocky Mountains to start anew, after a disastrous year before.

Logan Matthews is the horse rancher in the area, he moved to be close to his new found sister. Apart from that, there is not much interesting about Logan that I know. So far I glimpsed a man who is family orientated, and a good friend.

Other characters from the previous 2 books are also in the book, but they are not as heavily featured in House of Belonging.


Not a heavy read, this book follows the formula of all tried and tested romance books. Nothing that jumps out of the book to shock of surprise. The chemistry between the two is questionable at times, you do have to ask if Laina and Logan are really … into each other with all that is happening. Or maybe that I am used to dramatic scenes where the man or woman plays the hero or a villain. Perhaps I have grown out of soft romance and thus unable to thoroughly enjoy a book that is more on falling in love than “us against the world!” gahhh

Perhaps I ask too much.


Ah, there is nothing wrong or bad about House of Belonging, but there is nothing attractive about it either. Worse thing about this book, is that neither the characters nor the story strikes a chord in me. Sure, there’s heartbreak and betrayal, but they feel disconnect from the character. Overall, not going to recommend it, because I am sure you have read something similar like a million times already.



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