House of Cards

House of Cards
Series: House of Cards
Genre: Contemporary Romance (with a mystery)
Series: Tech Billionaires 1


She thinks she needs to put her family before herself. He’s determined to prove her wrong.

My Review

I received a complimentary ARC – early release copy of this book in Kindle format from the author for review purposes.
Initially, I was interested in the premise of the book. House of Cards, it is a very common title but it can mean many things. The story is indeed like a house of cards, and perhaps I should have seen it coming.

The story starts with Jonathan; he is excited and the whole scene vibrates with anticipation. When Maggie arrives, the story goes slightly downhill. She comes bearing bad news, throwing the whole romance off with just a sentence. It is not her fault;She is a great woman with a ton of problems, and it would only get worse. By the middle of the book, I realize this book is not really a love story about two love birds. Musch of the book goes to Maggie and Jonathan trying to work their love life while their world is crumbling.


Our two lovebirds are Jonathan Best, owner of a hotel and casino and Maggie Reinhardt, heiress to the Reinhardt Department Store after the death of the father. Maggie has two brothers: Christopher and Steve, who are great supportive characters that give the story some substance.

Queen Diva, kind of like a side drama to the main one. She works for Jonathan Best and the source of many of his headaches.

Alex Walker is Maggie’s fiancĂ©, well… their parents are planning a marriage/ merger, you get what I mean.


For a contemporary romance, the book reads more like a drama/ mystery. I am not sure putting sex scenes counts as romance, and it’s not erotica style either. The author creates a setting that is faster-paced, most of the time I am chasing the couple around. I think I was winded by the third quarter of the book! Overall, it has excitement and mystery and a lot of brotherly and sisterly love. But what gives?


For a contemporary romance, I think this is not romantic enough. But if you are looking for drama, cat and mouse, with a side of mystery, House of Cards fits the bill well enough. I am expecting grand gestures, but the book gives in too easily. It would have been nice for some sacrifices. Overall, I enjoyed it., I came looking for love but found family instead, so don’t expect some lovey dovey heart melting scenes.

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