How I Lost Almost 4 Inches : Pruvit Reboot Review

Keto Reboot June Result

I began trying Pruvit Keto products around May, because I really wanted to lose weight. The final straw was when my mother-in- law asked me if I was pregnant, before that Prince Brat likes to call me wobbly like jelly. Initially I tried Pruvit’s Max O/S, which is beta- hydroxybutyrate.

Beta- Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) & Ketogenic Diet

I am not going to elaborate on both BHB and Ketogenic diet, there are a lot of information in the World Wide Web enough to confuse you. I don’t feel like I should add to the confusion anymore, though I will say that there is a lot of research for the ketogenic diet, but not BHB. Even though our body will produce ketones when we fast/ starve, taking exogenous ketones, which is BHB may be different.

If you are rich and lazy (I am not rich, just desperate), then exogenous ketones are a good start off point. Basically, drinking BHB pushes you to ketosis, a process where your body uses fat as fuel source rather than glucose. This works if you are planning to change your lifestyle to a high fat/ medium protein/ low carbohydrate diet. It is hard if you are not ready to give up carbohydrates, because ketogenic diet is only around 50g carbs a day.

There are a lot of scholarly articles about ketogenic diet, but not really beta- hydroxybutyrate, which is the exogenous ketone salts. Don’t treat it as the same thing.

What I did for Keto Pruvit Reboot

Try Yours Now

The Reboot is a 60 hour fast, no food, only what’s in the Reboot box and loads of water. You start at 8pm the night before, and end 60 hours later. So that is 2 days without food, but I managed/ survived. Losing 4 inches was a great reward for me, because I have had trouble losing any at all.

During my reboot period, I didn’t actually go to gym. I chose Friday and Saturday for my 2 fasting days, working takes my mind off eating. The box of Reboot cost $79 USD, more if you are in Australia with GST and shipping. Pruvit Keto Reboot has 10 of their signal OS capsules, containing herbal supplement, 3 Keto Kalm for the 3 nights, 4 Keto broth for electrolytes and nutrients, and 4 Max OS for ketones.

Was It Worth It?

The 60 hour fast/ cleansing was good for me, mainly it did help me focus on work and life without being overwhelmed by hunger. First thing first, I love my food, hence I have not totally given up my carbs. The Pruvit products are good, because they still work, just not as well as if you adapt to a ketogenic diet. But if I were able to go all ketogenic, I wouldn’t have had to keep taking ketones.

Because after the initial Keto flu phase, the body will produces endogenous ketones to burn, making these exogenous ketones redundant. My failure to adapt to the diet makes taking exogenous salts a must, so I could have some fat- burning benefits despite eating carbs.

Hence, for me, the money is well spent because

  1. Good weight loss amount
  2. I got focus at work
  3. Fasting easier without actually losing motivation/ temper
  4. Exercise/ cardio sessions are easier with exogenous ketones

Let’s Focus on Number 4, because the are an efficient fuel source, I can go a better distance when I use the ketones.


This is pretty much double  the distance. I was impressed, because more exercise more calories burnt. Even my weights have increased a kilo or two, which is pretty good for me. It’s like I have managed to push pass my plateau! The feeling is amazing!

Pruvit Ketones

I am not going to lie: they are pricey. The brand has been criticized by a lot of users for being a little on the expensive side. Having said that, they also have been shown/ proven to really put you in ketosis within the hour. Have a Youtube around, and see what they are saying.

Of course, you can go here to try it for yourself.

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