Hydra (Six Stories Series)


Author: Matt Wesolowski
Series: Six Stories Series
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller/ Horror
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Hydra- Story of Arla Macleod

I classed it as horror because there are some horrifying scenes in the book. I thought the Changeling was scary, but this seriously makes book 3 pale in comparison. First of all, we have Arla Macleod, a girl in a psychiatric facility after she killed her family. From the start, it is a well established fact: Arla Macleod bludgeoned her whole family to death: father, mother and younger sister. There is no question about it, and she’s in a medium- security facility for life, drugged up to her eye balls. Scott King gets a rare chance to uncover why she did it.

Macleod Massacre

The killer was only 21 years old when she snapped, and in Six Stories there are six point of views. Firstly it is Arla herself, and then there are six people who has contact with her in her life. We hear Arla’s account of the black-eyed kids, and understand that she’s has been losing her mind for a while. People who interact with her paints a dire picture of a girl who clearly lacks a good support system at home. Then you have a sister who is prettier and has a better future, why wouldn’t you be jealous?

Mystery Deepens

As Scott King investigates for his Six Stories Podcast, he faces new threats. Online trolls are warning him away from the case. Then he gets a lot of warnings from a mysterious person. Being a good investigator means that he ignores the threats and proceeds with finding the truth.

Then suddenly we realize that maybe Arla Macleod may have really been a victim of a lot of things, that she didn’t just go crazy out of the blue. Even though in 2014, mental health has just begun to take a hold in the current health care system.

The Twist and Ending

Perhaps the greatest shock comes from the ending, the is one ending that is so unpredictable and surprising, you will never see it coming. Sure, I have my theories, but Matt Wesolowski has truly made it so that I did not even suspect the true villain until the final chapter. If you are after a captivating and gripping mystery, you really cannot go wrong with Hydra. I’ll definitely be reading more of Six Stories =D


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