ikoo Hair Volume & Nourish Thermal Treatment Wrap

ikoo Hair Volume & Nourish Thermal Treatment Wrap

I bought ikoo Hair Volume & Nourish Thermal Treatment Wrap at work, because it was marked down. The package looks simple with Thermal Treatment Wrap in as a draw card. Each packet contains one mask, and within the special wrap. My ikoo Hair Volume and Nourish has cotton seed oil, ginseng and aloe vera.

They say that the cotton seed oil will add lift and volume, and the Vitamin E as an antioxidant. Ginseng is to strengthen the roots- it is the nourishing part of the cream. Aloe vera is more like a moisturizer, to make your hair look glossy. The hair wrap looks like a foldable metallic towel that houses the cream.

Using ikoo Hair Wraps (no matter which one you have)

To use, simply open the wrap, and use the black sticker to fasten the wrap to fit. It is a one size fits all, pretty handy. The wrap actually reflects heat. I can feel my scalp warming up slowly, which is probably where the “thermal” part comes in. The ikoo’s instructions start with cleaning the hair and drying it lightly. You want it to be wet but not dripping.

Next time, I will not tie my hair in a bun like the instruction. If I have to do it again, I think applying the cream on my hair manually before covering might to a better job. Their method resulted in patches of hair that was neglected, and I can feel it. Do you have the feeling that your hair is not evenly loved? Despite massaging my hair like they tell me to, the cream does not reach parts of my scalp.


I like the idea of a thermal treatment wrap in a bag. ikoo has a few different options, depending on your needs. It is a small package with a wrap and cream inside. It is easy to take during travels, there is no setup or any need for a heater. While the results are not amazing, it works in a pinch.

While my hair looks voluminous, it does not feel nourished. When I run my fingers across my hair, there are parts that still feel brittle and dry. Is it a great product? Yes! But I think the instructions could use a little tweak, or perhaps a formulation that can melt better when the wrap warms up.

A great item to have on hand, however, there is room for improvement. For $7 USD, it is cheaper than going to the salon. You may not have salon results, but you will have wonderful hair long enough for a special event. =)

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