Indian Paintbrush (Carson Chronicles Book 3)

Indian Paintbrush (Carson Chronicles Book 3)

Indian Paintbrush
Author: John A. Heldt
Series: Book 3 of Carson Chronicles
Genre: Time- travel, romance
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Back to the Carson’s in Indian Paintbrush

If this is a television series, it will be season 3, and now the gang has travelled to 1943. From River Rising in 1889, they jumped to 1918 in The Memory Tree, currently they are in Arizona. With that time period comes a risk that might disrupt the family’s plan in looking for their parents. In previous books, the kids had missed their parents (vice versa) by seconds or minutes, hence now we are at a tumultuous time period. I guess it takes a special bond for family to chase each other around like that, it is kinda funny but I can relate to the anxiety.

1943 is…

A bad time to be in for Adam and Greg, because they are actually the age to be drafted into war. While the family tries to wait for their parents to catch up, life continues. Natalie and Caitlin signs up in the war effort, while Adam tries to get his wife settle down. Greg and Patricia tries to fill in to help, as they are the two more adventurous family members. While the mood is sombre due to their environment, the siblings still manage to keep it lighthearted. Cody found a job as a driver in military camps, where one of the stops is an internment camp.

Meanwhile, the very distraught parents realise their mistake, and are trying hard to rectify it. Oh well, it means more fun for me right? Written in 2 separate points, it is exasperating to see both sides working hard, without any promise of a happy ending. The kids are going well, they are full of hope that their parents are also looking for them. You know what? I never knew that they had an internment camp for Japanese who lived in America. While I know that they were at war, I was not aware that poor citizens were placed in a camp, monitored like prisoners.

The Feels in Indian Paintbrush

I think the biggest difference between this book and the previous two is the emotional investment in the book. You are so close yet so far, that few seconds make so much difference. I can feel Caroline’s sadness and disappointment every time they miss their kids. Her husband Tim is always feeling guilty that he miscalculated that ONE time, and now they have to catch up. Time travel is a tricky business, but hey the story is not done!


I am sure that this will have a happy ending, I mean the author has to give it to me right? I am like… praying for them to reunite, even if they are fictional characters. Aside from that, they have travelled again, the ending is pretty nerve wracking to say the least. Totally should read it from book one for that nice continuous feel, although some reviews said that it can be read standalone. So if you are still into time travelling, and history lessons, this should be on your TBR.

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