Ink Lasting Foundation by The Face Shop

Ink Lasting Foundation by The Face Shop

Ink Lasting Foundation is available online, or in selected Asian stores. There is not much inclusivity in the brand, but it does target the Asian market well.
The foundation is a whitening foundation with SPF 30+. I have here is V203 Natural beige, but The Face Shop has V and N versions of the same shade! So I find V shade matches my pink undertones, while the N shade is more for yellow undertones. For light coverage, you can do one pump, and layer a second one to cover blemishes.

The combination of red and blue pigment helps brighten up dull skin tone, leaving bright and clear skin whole day long.
Effectively retains skin moisture to achieve smooth and moisturized makeup for hours.

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The Look

When you open the compact, the foundation seems a little bare. I have to tap the plate repeatedly before the foundation comes out. The cushion is one of those lightweight ones that you find in BB cream compacts. I will say that this is a good design because it is more hygienic. But it can be annoying to get enough, but it’s a good trade off.

As for my skin tone/ shade

Isn’t it cool? It matches pretty well with my pink undertone, and it blends really well when I pat it. So you can’t really match just by looking on the foundation/ sponge, it can be quite deceiving.

Overall look using Ink Lasting Foundation

Seamless, if you ask me. I like how it covers blemishes and gives me a subtle glow. This is just applied, and with a little lip liner. The natural look is perfect for work or just normal going out. And it takes no time at all to achieve this stage.


If the foundation has your shade, definitely worth trying it out. I got the cheapest in the Face Shop range, there are a few more range that targets different demographics, so be sure to check them out.

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