Integral (Visceral Book 1) : Book Review

Integral : An Interesting Story

Author: Adam Thielen
Genre: paranormal, futuristic, cyberpunk, magical realism
Series: Viseral #1
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I actually read Visceral first, which was before I started this blog, so here’s the link for the Amazon review. First of all I would like to apologize for putting this review up four weeks late. I had been busy with birthday parties, new theme and issues with the new theme. Not to mention a new day job, with a very grumpy husband who didn’t get his dinner on time (new found appreciation for me, by the way)

The Cool Factor

This series is set in the year 2029, after the Great Collapse, when governments had become bankrupt due to huge financial debts, and no revenues. After that, Corporatocracy was the new way countries are run, territories are separated by earning capacities/ taxation value. The background story is probably going to be a reality for my grandchildren, scary to think about it.

In Integral, the story follows Matthias Trent and Frank, both detectives for Noxcorp, but different areas. Both men are also vampires, although Matthias is older and less emotional than Frank. They were put together to put down another vampire for killing a human, but Frank had other ideas.

Ones Who Matters

While our two heroes are reluctant partners, Matthias and Frank nevertheless does not work well together. Polar opposites, one desires to dig deeper while the other just want to follow orders. As the story progresses in stages, the men find themselves stuck in a problem and sinking fast. There is someone with lofty ambitions, the main boss remains hidden, while its minions wreck havoc.

Although I could not really connect with the two stone cold vampires, I had a good time watching them as a bystander. They have good background stories, making up part of their personalities, but they are not made to be likable. Though my guess is that the author does not want them nice, nice men finish last.

The Story

A murder mystery turns out to be a cog in a bigger machinery. Somehow they went from solving a case, looking for a mage who was responsible in killing someone significant in the story. As Frank wants to get to the bottom of everything, they get attacked a lot.

Battle scenes are entertaining in Integral. You have vampires, guns and a runaway mage. What is not to like?

The Verdict

Integral is the first book in the Visceral series by Adam Thielen. You like bloodsoaked vampire/ mage series without romance? This is yours Share on X

There is no romance, just a great bromance in the making. While some might balk at the more adult (violent) themes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Integral paves the way to Visceral, in a way. I think I might reread the books again before the third/ final book for the series.

Definitely a book for people who likes violence and a good mystery.

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  1. Congratulations on the new job Ailyn. Damn husbands, how about they start cooking US dinner!

    I love the premise which will probably be a reality one day, especially with the world as it is. I love the romance aspect but when it comes to science fiction and paranormal fantasy, I need a touch of romance to soften the narrative. I’ve noticed a lot of male indie authors tend to write very masculine storylines. I wonder how it comes about that we have vampires investigating crimes though, I’m intrigued. Great view Ailyn, so glad you enjoyed it <3

    1. haha thank you thank you. .. this male indie definitely write a stronger male dominated story line! Now if you want to know what happens, have to read the book! Although that is a very good interview question.

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