Interview with: Alretha Thomas (Author)

Interview with Author of Rachel Storme Series: Alretha Thomas

but first….reading should run in the family. If you noticed, the book title is Funky Facts

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Was writing the book a fun experience for you?

Writing “A Penny For Her Heart,” the third book in the Detective Rachel Storme series, was immensely enjoyable. After I had completed book two, and several months had passed, I began missing Rachel, Herb and the gang, and I was chomping at the bit to get started with the third book. Just the thought of coming up with a new mind-numbing case for Rachel to solve was exciting. I also enjoyed creating the latest protagonist that would share in telling the story—Vanessa Johnson Rossi. Additionally, I always get a kick out of coming up with plot twists and red herrings that keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

After writing so many series, which is your favorite?

I have written two series. The first one is the Cass & Nick series, which could be classified as romantic suspense. This series was picked up and published by Soul Mate Publishing in 2014. There are four books in that series. “Married in the Nick of Nine,” “A Baby in the Window,” “One Harte, Two Loves,” and “Renee’s Return.” My second series is the Detective Rachel Storme series. There are three books in that series so far. “Justice for Jessica,” “Losing Lauren,” and “A Penny For Her Heart.” My books are my babies, so it would be very difficult to pick one over the other. LOL!

Do you have a day job aside from writing?

I was blessed to retire from my day job in February 2016. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to be able to do what I love full-time.

Me: Oh. this is my dream.. see it can come true~

What inspired Rachel Storme to be a detective?

When Rachel was a child, her father abandoned her and her mother. Rachel longed to know her father and to grow up with the feeling of security and protection that a father offers. As a result, she had to fend for herself and her mother. This led to her developing a keen sense of awareness and grit. Although, enamored with plants and flowers, Rachel felt compelled to purse law enforcement, a desire borne out of her need to feel safe.

She had wanted to quit once, why did she remain on the force?

Solving the Jessica James case was so fulfilling for Rachel, she decided to postpone her retirement. And before she had a chance to move forward with retiring, she was presented with another challenging case. She did, however, start her floral business.

Can you see yourself in the characters that you created, who would you want to be?

Yes, I can see myself in my characters. I can really relate to Rachel. We’re around the same age, and at one point I grappled with the idea of leaving my full-time job to pursue writing full-time just like Rachel is struggling with leaving the force to immerse herself in her floral business. Rachel also has a big heart and a love for people despite being in a profession that can turn a person cynical and apathetic.

How did you celebrate the release of your first book?

My first book, “Daughter Denied,” is loosely based on my childhood. It was launched in 2008. However, I wrote it in 1999. I unsuccessfully tried to get an agent and a publishing deal for this book. Finally, in 2008, inspired by Barack announcing he would run for president, I decided to self-publish. The rest as they say is history. I had a huge party to launch the book. It was amazing.

Will there be a “deleted scenes” book one day?

I like the idea of that. Perhaps there will be.

What’s the deal with Rachel and Herb?

It’s funny you ask that. I’ve been invited to be the guest author at numerous book club meeting and people always ask will Rachel and Herb end up becoming a couple. Invariably, when asked, I fall into a fit of laughter. It’s a titillating thought, but at present, they’re just friends. Herb has been happily married to Clarice for over thirty years, and Storme is divorced from Pete who’s in the penitentiary. Herb and Clarice love and respect each other and neither of them ever cross the line. Herb isn’t blind. He acknowledges that Storme is an attractive woman and he’s even told Storme that she’s a pretty woman, and Storme has acknowledged Herb’s attributes. Do they flirt on rare occasions? “Yes.” I like the idea of their closeness and the possibility of something one day happening. Who knows, maybe in book four. Lol!

What do you most enjoy about being an author? The books, the fans or just writing?

I love it all.  I enjoy creating. I wasn’t able to have children, so writing books makes up for that. I love creating stories, characters and worlds. I get a thrill out of the readers and reading their reviews. I love when people are moved and inspired by my stories. It’s an amazing thing. I feel humbled and honored to be a storyteller.

What do you hate most when writing a book?

I hate incorporating edits. It’s very tedious and a necessary evil.

Me: looks like the devil is in the details (haha)

Do you use a special writing program, or are you a handwriter?

I used Microsoft Word. Thank God for word processing. I don’t know how any author wrote a book before the invention of word processing. I love being able to make global changes. I love gliding through my book, moving things around with just the tap of key!

Do you think people should join authors group, are you in one?

I think author groups are great. You can learn a great deal from other writers and yes, I am in a group. It’s called the Prize Writers.

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