Intricate Deceptions Review

Intricate Deceptions
Author: Jennifer Rayes
Series: book 1 of Intricate Series
Genre: mystery
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A Little About Intricate Deception

Gaia woke up in a cell, with amnesia. She was later saved by Raoul, the Prince of Kayamato. The mystery began on the first page, and there was a lot of action going on in Intricate Deceptions. The book promised a lot, but the delivery fell short. Firstly, there was a lot of questions that need answers.


The heroine Gaia woke up with amnesia, and she was in a cell with a bunch of girls. She was almost promptly rescued by Raoul, when she was in great danger. Raoul then turns out to be a prince, and after the first few pages the whole book sort off went sour for me.

Why It was Bad

You would think that the author would drag out the mystery and deception, but everything came out prematurely, in a sentence. Even though Gaia had amnesia, her identity was revealed almost after her rescue. What’s worse, she seems to not question everything that she was told.

Then it was a rinse and repeat scenarios of Gaia trying to be some heroine, only to fail and getting saved by Raoul. The Prince also had some ulterior motive, but the heroine is bloody clueless it was annoying and painful to read. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Intricate Deception has a cliffhanger.

The many ifs

It would have been a great book, if the characters didn’t bring it down so badly. It’s like reading a person failing to tell a joke, the kind that gives away the joke before the key moment. In the end, I did try to like it, but it just wasn’t for me. With its premature answers to situations, and easy endings to things, I deemed it… bad…

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