After Thoughts : Iron Druid Series

After Thoughts : Iron Druid Series

I managed to get all 3 books in 1 go from the library, first we have Shattered, and then Staked. Since my last group review update, the carpets have been changed. Atticus found something pretty awesome, and life is good. With the exception of the looming Ragnarok, he now has a mini Grove, featuring his girlfriend/ apprentice- turn- Druid and his archdruid.

A lot has happened since the days of Hounded, things are happening in a slow rate. Deals struck, mysteries solved. All in a good days work in Besieged, a collection of short stories in the world of Iron Druid. Think of Besieged as a book of side quest, where Atticus and his friends tell a story.

Overall, between the three, I think Staked was my favorite. I liked the action and the planning, and how our hero managed to kill a few birds with one stone. I am not really sure if Shattered was needed in the series, it did provide some details about the characters.

Last Book

Scourged is the final book of the Iron Druid Series, featuring Ragnarok: end of days. For the final book of the series, this book is not thick at all. A lot of series ends with a super thick book, but I like how Scourged is not. As the good guys team up to prevent the Earth from burning, a lot of things come  to an end.

It is not to say that I do not like the ending, but I was hoping for a better one. While Ragnarok has been prevented, the whole story hangs in a strange balance. Sort of a hint maybe someone would continue to hold the torch in the druid series. After all, there are some ways it can go, the way it is written.

Final Thoughts

Look, this is not the happy ending sort of story, where everyone hangs around and sing Kumbaya. The battle between good and evil takes up a good chunk of the story, keeping up with the fast pace between events. All that we have learned in this Iron Druid world has boiled down to this major moment.

It didn’t take long to finish though, as we know that Atticus is a devious mind that somehow manages to pull things together. But he does have to reap what he had sowed, and boy that is one big reaping. Hashtag Antihero?


The Iron Druid series should have had a satisfying end, but why does it feel like our hero can still come back? I am not complaining, Oberon is pretty funny and I like reading the conversations between dog and human. Atticus though, I think has worn off his charm, maybe he needs a new charm.

8 books in the series, if you discount Besieged and other novellas. Not a short read, but thankfully none of the books are thick. Still a great read if you are a fan of myths and legends.

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