Isehan Long & Curl & Super Water Proof Mascara + Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover

Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl & Super Water Proof Mascara

Maker: Isehan
Brand: Kiss Me Heroine Make
Amazon Mascara + Remover set

First up, we have the advanced film, waterproof mascara. This is my fourth mascara, although my mom has given me the volume and curl this time.

The mascara has a simple packaging with nice golden text. The wand has a curve so that it is easy to sweep up or down the lashes. The red tip I think is a light refraction, because it is just a normal metallic gold color to match the words.

Compare: With and Without

My eyelashes are short, so mascara is helpful to make them look bigger. But the problem is that I have combination skin, and my eyelids will secrete oil. Hence, waterproof mascara does not mean smudge proof or oil proof. A lot of mascaras have me looking like a racoon in a few hours.

I have a lot mascara troubles, so it is not just about cost and brands. Isehan has a range of mascara that has a fair price. Although you have to fork out extra to buy the mascara remover. But it is worth it.

As you can see, there is nothing dramatic about this mascara. While my lashes are clearly slightly longer on one side, this is not one that will create a lot of length or volume. Going to work looking awake is good, since I don’t have to look very attractive there.

Well, it will take a miracle to make me look super good, I know that.

10 hour work + 1 hour gym later… it hardly budges!

Isehan Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover

The blue tube above the mascara is the Speedy Remover, with a clear solution to remove the mascara. Without it, you can still remove the Advanced film mascara, but it takes a lot of effort.

The wand in the remover is just a straight stick with little groves to hold the liquid. After that, just wait a minute before removing with your make-up remover. Even micellar water will do. This extra step is worth it, because I don’t have to rub my eyes to get the lashes off.



I know that Isehan has a lot of products that are hit and miss, like the eyeliner that still smudges after a few hours. But the mascara is pretty good, you can probably layer up with a different brand of mascara before coating your lashes with this one. But I am not entirely sure.

Although, I do not use mascara when I put fake eyelashes on; they are too hard to clean otherwise. Their advanced film coating works for long hours, and I am happy to keep using them simply because they stay.

Nothing is more annoying than your colleagues telling you that you look like a panda before lunch time.

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