Jiinju Gold Foil Sheet Mask Radiant Skin

Jiinju Gold Foil Sheet Mask Radiant Skin

This cute little Jiinju gold foil face mask I found while shopping in my local store one day. It was on special, so I felt it was a good bargain. I will admit that I love the cute packaging when I bought it. Most face sheet masks have pictures of either pretty skin or promises to give you great skin. I got this from: Woolworths Australia

This one:

Promises radiant skin, look at the bear’s shining skin while holding the gold bar in its hands. The left corner says that the mask has a honeycomb foil texture. There is no firm instructions on how to use it per se. In the end, I put the shiny gold part on my face, because it makes more sense to have skin contact.

I mean, if the gold has function, it will work better when it is on my skin, right?

The back of the pack

As you can see, there are no specific instructions on how to use the Jiinju Gold Foil mask at the back either, you just slap it onto clean face and wait ten to twenty minutes. It would have been nice to know which side is on the face.

There is fragrance, but it is a light and pleasant scent that does not irritate me. The masks is manufactured in Korea, and it is suitable for vegans. There are a few interesting plant extracts like apple, cherry and lavender extract as antioxidants.

From the way the company advertises it, “Instagrammable” probably means gold side outwards. Although, gold has many skin enhancing properties, so I will be definitely keeping it with contact to my skin.

Does it work?

It is fun, yes. The hours after using the mask, I feel that the skin’s hydration is better. It does not work miracles; I mean it’s only AUD $6 at full price. It is a super glam face mask, with its only purpose being hydrating. For a hot summer’s night, this feels amazing.  It is worth buying when there is a discount, or else treat it like a small present for yourself before an event.

I love using sheet masks, mainly because they are convenient and easy to use. I can walk around with it or even work on my computer with my glasses on while the mask does its job. But the effect does not last, that is not it’s promise yeh?


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