John Plunkett Refirming Eye Cream Review

John Plunkett Refirming Eye Cream Review

You can get it online via their store here (not affiliated). I got it as a sample, as in I did not pay for this full sized eye cream worth $30 rrp. This was in my goodie bag when I traded some rewards points for the Lumiskin Kasi, so no strings are attached in reviewing this product.

First of all, this is made in Australia! John Plunkett himself was a pharmacist in New South Wales when he developed the range of products. Happily, this brand does not test on animals.

What it has (sorry about blurry photo)


They have their trademarked Argireline®, a peptide that acts in a similar way to Botox in way that relaxes tissues. While the Pentacare HP® tightens skins the cream adheres to. It has Matrixsyl 3000 collagen peptide, and Rosehip oil that is a natural moisturiser.

John Plunkett reads my mind: this 15ml eye cream does not burn a hole in my wallet, yet it does the job well. I wouldn’t put exclamation marks and tell the world they have to buy it, but it is a reliable eye cream.

By reliable, I mean it works pretty well after a few applications. Of course the before and after photos will not be as obvious, or you can’t expect wrinkles to disappear after a week. My eye bags are not as bad, for one. Fine lines did not appear as obvious as well after a few days.

Who is it for?

Best thing, this is fragrance free, yet not much chemical smell surrounding it. John Plunkett team had designed this to be sensitive skin friendly, as well as suitable for most skin. The cream is lightweight and non- greasy, despite the rosehip oil.

I really wonder what is their secret in making this cream. It is effective enough for you not to cry foul, yet it does not irritate or sting the eyes. Overall, an eye cream worth the price if I had to pay for it.

Though now I wonder where am I going to find it after this tube finishes.

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