Journal : What’s Making Me Smile

What’s Making Me Smile

One of the journal prompts in Instagram asked what makes me smile. Here’s a photo of it, can you guess what it is? It’s a pandan plant, the Latin name is Pandanus Amaryllifolius. This variety is the common ingredient in South East Asian cooking. If you ever heard of pandan chicken, that’s the leaf. This pretty little thing arrived on Monday from Brisbane, much to my husband’s dismay. Before you jump into conclusions, allow me to say that this is my 6th attempt in trying to grow it.

It is tremendously hard to grow in Adelaide, because of the climate and lack of humidity. My previous few have all drowned, mostly from my helpful watering. After much research, I am trying it again. Well, it’s also my birthday present for myself.

The One that Arrived Dead

I also got one from eBay because it was cheaper. The pretty one in the pot costs me Aud 45, where half of it’s postage and packaging. I guess getting it from Brisbane may be more expensive, but it travels better? This one I got from Thailand, and it took a month to arrive… no surprise when it came out looking like…

I have no doubt that it is dead. Seriously. But the merchant insists that it is still alive, and will recover after a week/ month. First of all, impressive level of optimism isn’t going to revive the poor thing after a month of travelling in an envelope. Secondly, what was the person thinking that the plant should travel with soil? By the way, this does not count as the 5th or 6th because it turned up dead on arrival.

so not alive

Smile on!

Despite having to work an extra day a week, I come home to find my pandan still alive, and it does make me smile. My best record was I think 3 months, where the pandan plant actually survived winter, only to be killed during summer. So now, the plant is in a cacti soil, which drains particularly well. I did a spray because it’s 37C, but otherwise it’s just watering sparingly. At the moment in stays indoors most of the time, in the kitchen.

#Stacking the Shelves

Another visit to the library to get more books, not all are mine. I am pretty sure I didn’t read Bone Witch, but borrowed Heart Forger anyway. Foolish? Maybe, but we’ll see. I also found some bilingual books for English- Japanese readers. They are pretty helpful if you can read… but another stupid decision to borrow without actually knowing how to read. I have been using Google Translate, it is helpful but tedious.

Definitely not a good way to learn a new language.

Things to Buy
Silicone Lid Covers
Organic Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap

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