KetoneAid KE4

KetoneAid KE4 for Ketosis

I got the KetoneAid from ebay, because Amazon had no stock. But if it does come back…

First of all, ketone salts are not the same as ketone esters. I used to use Pruvit brand, which is $130 USD for 20 days. I paid $219 AUD for 3 bottles of 60ml. At 5ml a day, 3 bottles x 12 days per bottle is only 36 days. So in my own opinion, it is same- expensive.

If you ask me why I pay for these, it is because I hate the dreaded keto-flu. The time between transition from glucose preference to fat- preference is a few days of mental and physical fatigue. Plus I can never cut enough carbs to achieve ketosis.

KetoneAid 5ml
KetoneAid 5ml (in syringe)

I will admit that I am highly unmotivated in the side of food, that is why KetoneAid or ketone salts are attractive. Plus, the results are instant as long as you don’t overdo with the carbs. If you take enough carbs (like pizza), you will get kicked out of ketosis. It sucks, because it is an instant drain of energy.

How to take

Easy, just take 1-3 capful when you needed. I pull it out for the photos, but the cap does measure 5ml. I am just taking 5ml a day because it is expensive and it works for me at the minimum amount. You can take a maximum of 150mL at one go, but you will be taking AUD $219 all at once. I highly recommend start low, especially if you are new to this.

How does it taste like?
Terrible. It tastes bitter, there is no cherry smell or taste. The ester is pretty strong, so even the stevia can’t take away the bitterness, and stevia also leaves a metallic under taste. Instructions say to dilute it, I am not sure if you are brave enough to take it as shot. 5ml is not a lot, but it’s still bitter even diluting with a cup of water.

How does it feel?
My first dose created this buzz, which happens within few minutes. You take this on an empty stomach. Just to let you know, my breakfast is usually a protein shake, not solids. That may affect how it works too!.


I managed to get this when it was still in stock, now that I have tried it, I think it is worth trying if you need a kickstart. But if you are thinking of losing weight + hitting ketosis, try Pruvit’s Reboot instead. Read my review here, or buy it here.

However, I might be a good girl and not take it every day. This can get expensive real quick, so probably to start with, and then try to reduce your carbohydrate intake to keep you in ketosis. I would say that it is worth it. You can go on with your life without worries.

PS: Mental Clarity

As for mental clarity, you have to try it to understand why people love it. It is like your mind suddenly wakes up, it is a weird yet enlightening feeling. My cousin was the one who introduced this to me, and I will admit that being in ketosis has its perks. Falling out of ketosis though, it’s a drag…

**please talk to your doctor before making this decision okay, because change in diet isn’t always a good option. This product might not be for you and this is not a long term solution or a good lifestyle unless you have good reason to be keeping it. **

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