Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Review

Kingdom Come Deliverance
Genre: Game, Fictional History, RPG, Open World
Buy: PS4, Xbox

Kingdom Come Deliverance is not a game for kids

Let’s get this out of the way first, this is a hack/ slash game very much like Skyrim, where you can’t just take things. Of course winner takes the loot, otherwise you would be stealing. In Kingdom Come, this has consequences. I don’t mean just if you get caught. The game system has a popularity/ trustworthy rating that is brutal, as well as a few interesting bits added in as well. Set in 1403 in Bohemia, there is a rich backstory that is the main theme of the game: war.

Yes, this is a game set in war time. Hence this is not a suitable game at all for anyone younger than a mature age (if we are talking about guys, probably never). Kingdom Come gets significantly darker as the hero: Henry has to make difficult choices. The graphics are not like this by the way, this is the intro, which is quite well thought off. After this super long introduction, I finally get to play… Henry. Oh there is no choice and the level is set to : you useless peasant, DIE!

It is also a hard game to play

I am just starting it, but this game is hard to play actually. There are unforgiving bits, so if you are an amateur, you would be struggling with the whole system. There is not much hand- holding in the game. You pretty much have to know your keypads or keyboards if you want to come out on top. The annoying part is that there are way too many things to take note. Not talking about falling off the cliffs or getting stabbed by random branches (I’m talking about Tomb Raider here), in this game you are more likely to get stabbed and hacked into pieces.

Another reason why this game is difficult, is that it does not coddle you. Forget about stockpiling food, they rot. If they rot long enough they will poison you. If you eat too much, you slow down. Going hungry? you might die of starvation. As if getting stabbed is not good enough reason to die. And since Henry is just a peasant, he lacks skills that are important to succeed! Much of the time you need to be on your toes, because poor Henry is a useless hero, he’ll die very quickly.

Unlike any other RPG games, this one proves to be more challenging, more so than the Last of Us and Deus Ex. Even Last of Us gave me an option on difficulty level.

My Last Gripe About Kingdom Come Deliverance

There are not save points. Only certain scenes and events trigger it, if you want a save, you have to hunt for Savior schnapps. These Savior schnapps are alcoholic drinks that save things, pretty smart except the part that you have to drink them for it to work. I mean, that is putting realism to a whole new level. More annoyingly, the game does not auto save if you need to say… sleep in the middle of the game.

Without those schnapps, I am doomed. Worse part is that the game does not save very often as well, so I have had to replay certain scenes. The only good that came out of it, is that I already know what to do. Sometimes I can even do it better.

But… man… if this weren’t such an interesting game, it would have been a deal breaker for me.

Should You Play It?

If you are asking, maybe not.

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