Kingdom of Salt

Kingdom of Salt

Author: Shiulie Ghosh
Genre: YA, romance, urban fantasy
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Before Kingdom of Salt, Shiulie Ghosh has let me read her Daughter of Kali series, you can read the review of the first two books here, and Infernal Destiny review. She is back with a new urban fantasy romance book, at the moment it looks like it will be a standalone. Ashwarya Mitra is an heiress, her dad builds posh hotels by the sea, while her mom passed away when she was a kid. Ash makes no secret about her past, as it has affected some of her choices.

When Ash got thrown off a cruise ship during a storm, she woke up lying on a deserted island. First she’s happy that she is alive, and the reader wonders how long she will last.

Kingdom of Salt Characters

Shiulie Ghosh knows how to flesh out her characters, so you recognise all the major players in the book.

Ash the spoiled princess can be rude and mostly insensitive, but she is not an unkind person. We see her grow from a girl unsure about her future into one who knows her place in the world. In Kingdom of Salt, she learns a lot about her heritage and treats it like a welcome challenge. I think she is the character we wish our daughters will grow into.

Finn, who gets his name from Ash. We learn bits and pieces about Finn, the boy who saved Ash from drowning. He is the hero to Ash’s heroine. But there is more that meets the eye. Finn is not exactly human.

Josh Clemen-Walker is Ash’s boyfriend, whom she secretly hopes to marry one day. He does not turn up often in the book, but is quite an important person in Ash’s life.

Ash calls Cordelia her frenemy, usually calls her Cordy to show that they go way back. Cordelia is a model, her role in the story is mainly to give Ash more background. Though I hope to see more of her. Cordelia’s boyfriend is Will.

And somehow the odd inclusion in the group is Nate Wyndham Carruthers, who seems to have nothing to do with the story aside from being a good friend. You can see why I suspect this will be a series?


It starts out fun, Ash celebrating her birthday with friends, except the start of the book was sombre. The story then moves towards a survival phase where Ash learns how to not die on a desert island despite having a saviour looking after her. Towards the end it is self- realisation and finding a path in her life. Yes, Kingdom of Salt is urban fantasy where mermaids live, it has messages for the readers.

A) don’t be a spoilt brat, it never gets you anything/ anywhere.

B) If you are relying on a person, don’t be rude

C) Own who you are, but you can always work to be a better version of yourself.

At least, that is what I got from reading the book.


I am in love, the world building is solid while the pace is perfect for the setting. While there is no rush to end the story, it feels like there is a promise of more to come. It is the work of someone passionate about creating a story that makes you come back for more, so definitely a good read if you are YA fan.

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