Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50

DSC_0001Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50+/PA
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This is Kose’s popular product line: Sekkisei

You can find this any where online, or from any Asian countries. Because the Sekkisei line of products are famous for even and fair skin. The three big words in Kanji, is Japanese/ Chinese meaning snow雪 skin肌 essence精. Anyway, this one is the sunscreen essence milk. Not to be confused with their normal Medicated line. These do not have the added UVA protection, but it can still lighten dark spots, hydrate with a unique blend of Asian herbs (maybe spices, who knows?)

So far, I am finding it a good product to use. First of all, the smell is light, non- fragranced. The Essence Milk is SPF 50+, which is what I really need now in the height of summer. The UV here has been extreme to say the least, if you reading this post, weather predicted to be 41C here in Adelaide. Higher in NSW’s Penrith, an estimate of 47C (it was that high 2 weeks ago there).

It would be good to not have something that feels greasy or thick and gluggy, which is why I am using this at the moment. The bottle is only 60g, trust me, between me and the Brats, it will not last the season. Like my Kose Suncut, only lasted 4 weeks, while the Dr G Medi sunscreen held on for 8 weeks. It is bad/ good that they are small and finishes before it expires. I pay good money for my sunscreens and would hate for them to expire before I finish them.

The look of it


Bad photo, sorry. That is Prince Brat’s hands, and Princess was shaking me silly when I tried to take a decent shot. But you can still see the product and the tip, the viscosity is slightly thinner than lotion. Application is easier when it is liquid, the only downside is that you have to use it a little bit at a time, adding layers on. Good news is that it dries fairly quickly and leaves no residue or sticky after touch. It is non- greasy and that is what I like it about.

As for effectiveness, I think it works, because I haven’t have any sun burns of funny spots coming out.

But if you want me to pick a favourite, it will definitely be Kose SunCut suncreen gel. I just like the formulation a lot more than this one.

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4 thoughts on “Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50

  1. Even in spring I need to wear sunscreen unfortunately, the perils of being a red head. I always find sunscreen a little on the greasy side though and it never feels fully absorbed into my skin. Is this for light skin or more so Asian skin? I bought a skin brightening cream a few months ago and hadn’t realised it was for Asian skin specifically. I thought it just corrected spots and uneven skin tone but it started lightening my skin and it was so quick. I’m white enough as is.

    1. Asian loves fair skin, so sorry about the whitening bit. But I remember some beauty sites say that we still need to use spf even in winter! you should definitely try Neutrogena’s spray on sunscreen, i think priceline has them

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