Lacura Stepping Out Makeup Applicator

2017-03-06_02-07-54Lacura is Aldi’s homebrand for beauty and makeup stuff

I have been wanting this since it appeared on Aldi’s catalogue last month, usually the remaining stock will have a slightly reduced price. After waiting for four weeks, because I was too lazy to make a special trip just for this, I got the electronic make-up applicator for $9.95 AUD, it’s not bad from the original price.

The unit comes with a cover, instructions and five applicators: 3 sponge and 2 fluffy pillows. The first main flaw is the sticky back of the sponge, which will adhere to the plastic unit of the applicator. I am not sure how many washes that back can last, already I am happy with the fact that this was a cheap buy.

It has two speed, fast and slow. The instructions say to use slow for medium and high coverage of foundation, and fast for powder and light coverage. Motor is not very strong, so I had to be gentle. Basically just hold the unit and let the tapping do the work. I tried to apply a little force, and the motor almost stopped.


I used my Laneige BB cream to test this out, the sponge is pretty normal. After letting the sponge take some of the BB Cream, no more than my usual amount if I were to use the cushion. Then I used a setting powder to try out the fluffy sponge. Honestly the fluffy sponge was useless, because it ain’t fluffy!!


Given Aldi’s nightmarish returns policy, I was happy just to try and see if this was a good product. Well, can’t expect too much from a cheap item. I did like the coverage it provided me with the foundation, but the powder stage is a disappointment. Yes, there are a lot of better make-up applicators out there, but honestly, have to give these small names a try yes?

I think I will need a good foundation soon, the BB cream can’t hide my sleep deprivation….

2017-03-06_02-07-12I wonder how long will it take for the Lacura Stepping Out to die?

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6 thoughts on “Lacura Stepping Out Makeup Applicator

  1. That’s an interesting product. I always struggle with sponges myself. They tell you to dab but I’m always tempted to rub. Lol. Need to see if my DD knows about this one.

  2. I’ve never heard of an electrical device to apply foundation, I don’t know, it seems like it’s a lot more trouble that what it’s worth really. Lucky it was so cheap. I must admit, expected to see a gun like Homer’s invention on The Simpsons, where he invents a gun that shoots makeup out. I think I’ll keep using traditional sponges and brushes.

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