Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum

Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Youth Activating + Sensitivity Soothing Dual Concentrate

Lancome new Genefique Sensitive

Buy Lancome Genifique Sensitive from Amazon for $90, though I am sure that you can find them slightly less expensive. I will admit that this is not the cheapest serum, it is expensive but it’s pretty good serum if you are looking for something that works. The serum comes in this really big box, but in actual fact it takes up half the space of the box. The other half houses the dropper.

Inside the box

When I opened the box, it has instructions on how to activate the Genifique Sensitive before use. Notice the little blue vial in the middle of the bottle. The box tells me to twist to release the contents before putting the dropper lid in. I am not sure why Lancome thinks they have to print it on the box and then inside it too, if I can afford this, I am sure I know how to read instructions. Nevertheless, perhaps they are just trying to make sure everyone can see it.

The vial contains ferulic acid and Vitamin E, I guess is to keep their condition stable until you need it. Once you open, it is best for 2 months. I am sure that I can still use it, but it will not be as potent?

Looks of serum and me

Not really sure, but maybe I should not have bought such a big bottle.

Cool swirly

I managed to capture this cool image where the blue stuff swirls at the bottom. Then the solution turns just greyish when everything settles. Although the instructions does not say that I have to, I usually give it a shake before sucking some up into the dropper. The Genifique Sensitive also contains probiotics in addition to the antioxidants, which is one of the main reasons why I choose to pay extra.

I cannot resist to try, is it really “you get what you pay for”? Or this is a gimmick from Lancome’s Genifique range.


So far so good, I will first say that the Lancome’s Genefique Sensitive is great for sensitive skin as they say. The formulation is indeed gentle, because there’s no irritation. Secondly, I find that a full dropper is too much for me, and the serum takes a minute or two to dry. At the moment I dropped it to half a dropper- full, and that seems to be enough for my skin. The photo is 3 weeks of consistent use, bad but really not a miracle worker.

If I have to be honest, I will use it but not constantly. I may have to save some money by going back to normal drug store serums and come back to this very few months.


Oh yeah, there is a reason why Lancome stuff is expensive, like this eyeliner is great but cost around three of Revlon’s. The texture is exquisite, and I can feel that it works. The hydration is superior to the L’Oreal’s Hydrafresh Grapeseed, so this is really a case of quality. Even though I love the brand, I really cannot keep up with the cost. Even with the staff discount, I can buy possibly La Roshe Posay’s Hyalu B5 and it may still work well for me. So I guess it depends if you want to go luxury or not in the end.

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