Lancome Advanced Génifique Trial Review

Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activator

I got lucky when I receive the invite to be part of a trial team for Lancome’s Advanced Génifique, I shall refer you to their official website (not affiliated) because it is a popular item to counterfeit. But here is a better image for the bottle via Amazon

This is also different from the Advanced Génifique Sensitive, my review on that serum when I tried it ages ago. They both have different formulations. Even though the sensitive has bifida, this version has seven pre and probioctics in the serum.

Visual and Feel

The serum has an opaque white color, and I can say that it is more viscous than some brands of serum in the market. You press the button on the top to dispense the correct amount of serum, and when you screw the top back to the bottle, the bottom will stay flat until you unscrew it. At least you will get the same amount of fluid every time you use it, right?

While Lancome says that their Advanced Génifique is a lightweight formula, when you compare it with competition of the same range, it is not really that “lightweight”. Clarin’s Clarins Double Serum will be a similar price point product that is lightweight, because it absorbs quicker. Cheaper brands like Olay Regenerist Serum is thinner in consistency and the effect tends not to last as long.


Hard to say, on one hand my laugh line is not as obvious. This photo also shows my double chin *oh well*. Visually probably not much you can see, because I am quite “well preserved” with layers of sunscreen and moisturizers. After 10 days of using the serum, my skin does not feel as dry, the tight feeling after a cleanse is not as obvious. It is a big deal because the weather has been dry and my skin feels thirsty all the time.

If you think it is expensive to spend all that money for your skin to have a drink, you are not wrong, but it is worth it. Dry skin makes wrinkles pop, and the skin just does not look happy or firm. The Advanced Génifique serum can hold the moisture, with the help of a good quality moisturizer too. I will definitely repurchase this, but probably for continuous use ( can’t really afford it, you know). This is definitely a treat, or as part of a skin improvement plan for a wedding or rejuvenation after a stressful time.

Though I definitely encourage you to try it.

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