Lancome Fix It Forget It Setting Spray

Lancome Fix It Forget It Setting Spray
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This Lancome Fix It Forget It is a setting mist, rather than a spray. The one next to it is the Avene thermal water, I was told that it can also set makeup. I got the Lancome one cheaper, RRP is AUD$52, because the box was crushed during delivery.

The biggest difference between the two, is that Fix It Forget it is really a mist, and little mist at that. In contrast to the Avene (you can feel the spray on your face), Lancome’s feels like walking through some fine mist.

And to compare it unfairly with the Maybelline Master Fix,
2017-03-27 10.12.11 There are times where expensive does mean something.

Claims, Does It Live Up to It?


Perhaps this says it all. me and Princess brat smiling at the photo. I did have to touch up my lipstick, but you can definitely see my shine. It’s summer here, hence it still looks bright despite it being 6pm.

Aside from the shine, my makeup looks fairly okay. The brows still have some colour, while eye-shadow did not travel much. The only differences is the spray. I didn’t actually leave my makeup on for 24 hours to test it, I think it’s crazy to let my skin sit like that. It is easy to clean off too, just use whatever method and it will still come off.

It is really ultra- lightweight during the day, problem is that my skin does build up in oil. It is amazing how they stayed on my skin, because Maybelline one sure lasted a good time, but not enough.

Most Importantly: Anti- Pollution

You could probably make out the words on the bottle, if you can’t this Lancome Fix It Forget It is apparently anti- pollution. Whatever that means, I don’t really know. It does have kiwi fruit extract and hyaluronic acid, but it also has alcohol. Despite that alcohol, this is actually not bad in terms of keeping skin hydrated.

The claims say that it is non- greasy and non- sticky, but that does not mean that it stops your body/ face from becoming so. I did actually use the setting powder to soak up the oil for later, seems to work well that way.


If you want to spend, I personally believe that is might be better than the Urban Decay Setting Spray. A few dollar extra would get you the anti- pollution benefit. I am sceptical on that, but hey it if lasts 11 hours in the heat and air- con, I think Lancome Fix It Forget It is worth a go. Now I get to leave the Avene Thermal Water for Princess’ lousy skin. For those who feel that this might be a gimmick, I guess?

Years and years ago we only had setting powder, our make up would melt/ travel in the heat. With technology, we now have these amazing sprays that promise to keep you looking fake and pretty as long as you want to, what’s not to like? Some of us (my supervisor) seems to think that looking professional means slapping make up on, I do need a job so …


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