Lancome Galatéis Douceur

Lancome Galatéis Douceur

This is available in the Australian market, the link for this is here (not affiliated), which is why the one in Amazon will probably be a counterfeit. I got this a while ago as part of a gift pack. My work place sells the brand, sometimes I treat myself to one or two of their items. I am still in love with their Genifique serum, which is amazing and worth every penny. If you are planning a wedding or some important event, you can use the Genifique sensitive as a speedy skin repair serum. Or if you are in a rush, their mask is a great way for a quick and lasting glow.

This is a make up removing milk with papaya and pineapple extract. The pump head dispenses the fluid at a constant volume, as expected from a brand like Lancome. I see that Lancome US has the Galatee Confort version. They are different products because the Confort has honey and sweet almond instead. Perhaps it is a change to suit the climate and the needs of the region, but I suppose it does the same thing: removing make up!

Look of it

Not surprising to see Galatéis Douceur has a white fluid, but the liquid runs semi- viscous. Most store-bought removers have a more fluid consistency, the micellar water is of course a solution. I am pumping a lot to show, and this is one thing that I regret. The fluid does not soak through like water does; it stays on the cotton! So I had to pump the milk onto individual piece and layer them up. This is the jar I put in my gym bag, so I can remove my makeup there. Contrary to the micellar, this does not dry out, which has another tick in my book. In summer, the cotton will dry up in the heat. So far, the milk stays moist.

The feel of the milk and cotton is luxurious, you might scoff, but it is true! There is a cooling feeling when the cotton goes onto my face, definitely a plus after a workout. I have to rinse it off, but that’s in the shower.

Does the Galatéis Douceur work?

Well, it kinda does.

Aside from the Kiss Me mascara that I had on, the make-up remover works really well. The mascara has a special remover, so I was not expecting that to come out without a fight. If you are ever looking for one stubborn waterproof mascara, be sure to consider this brand.

  Mascara + remover set that will guarantee that it will not smudge (too much) or run when you cry. I use this at work because of eye drops and oily skin, swear by it. Yes, it does not have that great of a lengthening or increase heaps of volume, but it gives an understated natural look.


It is a very expensive make-up remover, let’s face it. Normal store brands work just as well, and if I have extra cash, this is not something that I will consider. Yes, it makes me feel special, and it leaves my skin clean and happy. Is it worth the AUD 90 for 400ml?

No, sorry.

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