Laneige “Berry Good” Tattoo Lip Tint

Laneige “Berry Good” Tattoo Lip Tint

Buy from eBay: Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint in Berry Good

My mom got this when she went travelling in Asia, she had a good time and she saw this. Since I am a Laneige fan, she had some experience with the product. We both enjoy the Laneige BB cushion, and so she got both this and the Laneige Two Tone bar for me.


The Tattoo Lip Tint comes in a red box that matches the container. I kinda like the whole matte look. The container is plastic but has a solid feel to it.

As a liquid lip tint, the applicator is small. Here is a colour swatch of the Berry Good shade, which I have got here. The colour is matte, and the formulation dries fairly quickly. I think it’s because you apply a thin layer, hence this is quite a pigmented product.

A nice look

A single layer plus an accidental dab and you can clearly see how this actually looks. The tint dries matte, which is a good choice for work make up. For a tint, this stays on quite well, and the formula does not dry out the lips. I love this, mainly I don’t have to reapply as often as a lipstick.

Ah yes, the problem I have with the applicator is that lines are really obvious. The photo clearly shows my lack of lipstick applying skills. Not very forgiving once the lip tint dries and you get this wobbly lines.

Game Update:

I have managed to kill a boss: Owl Father.

The guy is saying: that’s my boy. After Sekiro defeats his adopted father, convoluted story but very challenging boss fight. I have to spend a lot of time dying before getting the hang of the rhythm to block and hit.

Sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my life away, but the satisfaction is good for my mental health. So that’s a plus for me. Plus my brain gets some distraction away from work and kids, can’t win it all I guess.

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