Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar, No. 2 Golden Rose

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar, No. 2 Golden Rose
by Laneige
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I got the Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar, the only one, which is No. 2 Golden Rose. My mom gave it to me, as she no longer wears make up herself. The two tone bar is for beginners or lazy people like me, who can’t be bothered to apply shadow properly.

First of all, the applicator/ unit looks elegantly made. The word LANEIGE is near the slider, which allows the bar to pop in and out of the dispenser. I don’t mind the slider, but it can be smoother I guess.

Looks of Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar

Hey! It shows up. This is after two swipes, I am sure that if I do it more it will be more obvious. Laneige does have quality when it comes to make up and skin care, I am happy that this proves it somewhat. You can see the gradient between base (shimmery peach) versus the point which is the brown. Both are shimmery yet not too in your face.

It comes sealed as well

The makeup stick is made in Korea, but I don’t really understand Korean so I cannot comment on what’s written on the sticker. This is the seal that proves that the bar has not been tampered with when you buy it.

The Bar does come in a box, it is a little big to house this stick. Hopefully they can ditch the box as it is better for the environment not to have so much paper stuff.

My Make up to Work Look

I can see my hair line receding from this photo, gonna have to do something about it. Did you like how the look works? Simple yet makes me look more awake. The lipstick is the old L’Oreal, which still works and gives good pigments.

With the two one bar, I did not save that much time actually. It is helpful for travelling or just a formal function, something to sneak into the clutch. I think some use this as a highlighter or contouring stick, but I haven’t tried it yet

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