The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

The Last Day of Captain LincolnAuthor: Exo Books
Illustrator: Kimberly Hazen
Publisher: Exo Books, LLC
Genre: life, sci- fi
ISBN-13: 978-0997590258

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln… no he is not retiring.

I have received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I should add that the name/ logo is pretty cool, and the cover looks fine.

The story starts when Captain Lincoln realizes that they could not land the ship on a planet, to establish life on a new earth. As the result of that, his planned demise is imminent. Even as Captain, he is not immune to the rules of the ship, one that dictates life and death of its occupants.

If you have been an action genre reader, then you might be expecting some guns- a-blazing, at least some plot to avoid dying. Thriller readers will scream conspiracy! and will try to override the system or avoid death. The thing is, this is the same as real life: you cannot avoid dying.

In Last Day of Captain Lincoln, birth and death is part of the plan, so that humans can keep living in a ship, until one day when they find a new planet to call home. Until then, the cycle continues. It is confronting, so this is not a kid’s book. Handing this book to a person who does not understand the concept will result in a long conversation.


There is not much to say about this book, except that it moves forward in a difference pace than most books. The book is short, and Captain Lincoln has twenty four hours to tie up loose ends and say good bye. He battles his fear and wishes that things are different, but he accepts it.

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I can say that it can be painful to know that you are dying, and it is natural to feel like he does. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln is truly a confronting read, because it reminds us of the imminent arrival of Death. However, this book also reminds us of the hope and future, and how important some sacrifice is.

It is really brave for the author to write and publish the book, if I were to have my Last Day, it will be a party too!

How would your Last Day alive be?

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    1. this is a realistic book, not really dark but it does not have much hope for the poor captain. If you are talking about everyone else, that is different.

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