The Last Shadow Gate Review

The Last Shadow Gate
Author: Michael W. Garza
Series: The Shadow Gate Chronicles 1
Genre: sci-fi, young adult, adventure
Publisher: NeverHaven Press

The Shadow Gate Chronicles

Half- siblings Gavin and Naomi are forced to spend time with each other and with their great- grandmother Walker. Fifteen year old Naomi and twelve year old Gavin thinks that Mama Walker is off her rocker, but they had still spend summer holidays in Gum Spring with her. Before their father left, he shared some family history with them, about how their great- grandfather Gerald Walker had found a doorway and disappeared one day.

Together, the kids find clues which lead to their first doorway, where they later learn that it is called a Shadow Gate, and the gate is a one way door. The siblings landed on an alien land, where giant spiders rule, and humans are somehow slave/ food.  Luckily, Lady Luck stays with them for a little while.

While trying to get back to their own world, before their great- grandmother notices their absence, Gavin and Naomi have to trace the steps of Sir Walker the Great. Hot on their heels is the enemy: Azzmon, who is bent on getting a gate open. Their benefactors swear up and down that Azzmon wants to rule the world and multiverse, Azzmon revealed something much simpler.


Yes we all know that this story line is very well worn, but a skilled author knows how to make it his or her own. I would say that Garza does have some of that skill, because Gavin and Naomi are characters that lend a fresh air to the journey. Bickering like siblings, yet being their of each other, they do have qualities of a hero.

The Last Shadow Gates ends before the kids could return, but has enough information to go onto another journey. This shall be another great series that I will be following. Mike also writes The Decaying World Saga Book 1, starting with Tribe of Decay.

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  1. Well, this sounds fabulous, it has to be if one of the characters is named Naomi!
    Sounds like this was a great start to the series Ailyn!

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