The Last Immortal Will Make You Wonder with Every Turn

The Last Immortal Will Make You Wonder with Every Turn

I got The Last Immortal from NetGalley for a review. You can pre-order the Paperback edition but let me help you decide before January 2024.

This has no vampires, and it does not have Highlanders either. It is a fantasy story, so author Natalie Gibson creates the fantastical breed of Carriers and Incola. Our heroine Lady Ramillia Winmoore, daughter of the very late Earl of Brooksberry is entangled in the web of horrors. From the start, the book dishes out violence like candy.  There are three parts in the book, each represents a stage of her life.

About Lady Ramillia

Written in a first person’s point of view, Lady Ramillia takes me along for the ride as she is in the denial stage of her life. Something bad happened in the past, and she wakes up not knowing, but she is in an asylum. There is no sugarcoating for the poor girl, even though the doctor acknowledges that she has suffered much. Lady Ramillia quickly finds her luck change in the form of her fiance/ benefactor: Sir Julian Lawrence. From a patient in an asylum to a private hospital for recovery, Ramillia finds herself regaining her confidence in society and finding her footing in her own mind.

Then What?

She is no fool, and her benefactor encourages her to be curious and he indulges her in many of her whims. Ramillia soon learns why she is special, according to her fiance. It turns out that she is a Carrier, and female carriers are rare. People who call themselves Incola covet her body. Incola is Latin for rider, and Sir Lawrence is one of them. With this special ability, both Carrier and Incola can live long. That is where the title comes from. I know you can guess from the names what they do, but there is a bombshell secret (not really, I’m sure you can guess) that propels the story forward to parts 2 and 3.


Being special has its perks and downsides, as Lady Ramillia learns quickly of deception and plots. Throughout the three parts, Ramillia tries to stay ahead of her enemies. All she wanted was a peaceful life, but the status as the rare female with an ability means she has to learn things on the fly. The Last Immortal is not a book for the fainthearted, not only because it is gory and violent. The book challenges you to look beyond your normal fantasy creatures. Natalie Gibson also paints a lot of morally deplorable scenes, with plenty of triggers in this book.


Dark gothic is not a genre for everyone, but the story is solid with questions answered and a journey of a girl from naive girl to hardened woman. One theme stays throughout the book: Ramillia wants peace and happiness. She has to fight hard to get it, but you will have to read to the end to find out if she gets it. Although I am not pleased with how it ends, I think it is a closure for everyone. If you love violent, gory genre with plenty of heavy themes, you will like The Last Immortal.

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