Lazy *Sexy Fashionable* Eyeliner Decals Review

*Sexy Fashionable* Eyeliner Decals Review

First off, you can get a different eyeliner pattern via Amazon here (affiliated) though I strongly advise against it. The Opoola logo is no longer there, but you can still see the packaging stays the same. Now, RM 9 roughly equates to AUD 3, so it would be around USD 2. If you are a lazy person like me, this would have looked or sounded like a good idea. The picture model is wearing the butterfly sticker, but I got this sparkly one because I wanted it.

To use, just peel and stick on from outside in. I will admit that the sticky factor for this sticker is decent. Despite trying on and off to like it, I still hate it! But the result was tacky and ugly, and not really work friendly.


What you looking at?

I didn’t draw over the sticker, because I have taken the sticker off after this photo. It is not really for me, I look more like going to the club than work. The sticker does not sit well, and when I blink sometimes my eye lids get stuck. Never mind the whole fact that it accentuates the mismatching of my eyes. This is just a terrible idea in general. I have foundation on, which is just Maybelline Fit Me, and a fix spray.

Drawing on eyeliner is definitely the way to go! The stick on sounded great, but the result was not great. Plus, the length was too long, and it made me look kinda old. The more I write, the more I think that I should get rid of the whole packet. I am sure that it will go back into the bag and rot. Since I have already opened it, I cannot gift it. Not that other people would be keen on it once they see my photo.


Definitely goes into the Do Not Buy Category.


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6 thoughts on “Lazy *Sexy Fashionable* Eyeliner Decals Review

  1. It actually doesn’t look that bad Ailyn but much better suited to after work or nightclubs. I wonder how the glue would go with sweaty clubs and dancing all night. I’ve got the giggles now imagining all these dolled up girls with their false eyelashes dangling from their eyelids and the stick on eyeliner half way down their cheeks.

    Your skin looks absolutely stunning!

    1. hahaha eyelash glues are strong enough to stay. I should know because I sweated bucket loads in Malaysia for my own wedding.
      but these… a bit iffy about the glue on it.

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