Leg Waxing : as if I am not busy enough (review of sorts)

Veet Spa Stripless Wax Warming Kit

Pot of messy wax

Here is why this is a bad idea, I don’t do self- waxing. A lot of people love using this method to remove unwanted hair, but I am more of an epilator girl. However, this kit I have here, I got during an intro- special, which was $15. I think it sells for $30 here in Australia when it first started, but please do not quote me on this. The kit comes with this nice little warmer, and 6 wax discs. The 6 is enough for a pair of lower legs I think.

Some interesting fact: you can reuse the wax… like once you tear it off your skin you can remelt it, and then reapply onto the skin. It does sound gross, and I would not recommend it as well. All the dead skin will just make your wax less effective. But if you are short on cash, I guess you can consider this unsavoury practice.

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Remember how I say that this is a complete waste of time? The wax takes half- an- hour to melt, it smells quite strong. The purple ones are Purple Lily and Sugar Fig wax, although it smells more like dead flowers than figs. You can leave this be, and you will know it starts to melt when the smell gets stronger by the minute. If you are rushing for time, try some other method. Really takes that long for the discs to melt, one or six.

Once the wax turns viscous, spread it like jam?

Practice Makes Perfect


I am terrible at this, you can laugh because I know this is a shocking job. It does not take long for the liquid wax to harden, but it will take a while before you can tear it off. The instructions say wait for sixty seconds maximum, and thirty at least. By know I realise that I am procrastinating by waxing me legs. The Procrastinator in me is very proud, because I wasted half an hour doing this, when the epilator takes only five minutes.

Oh yes, it does not hurt me, because I am used to it. The temperature of the wax is warm, not unpleasantly hot, certainly will not burn. This takes a lot of practice, a lot…

It Works Well Though…

Even though my work is shoddy, I did get results…


This waxing kit does work well if you know what you are doing, however, it is far from perfect. There are a few strays here and there, which is common for all hair removal methods. The hairs are less than 2cm long, so I consider this good result. I also like the fact that this pulls out some of the ingrown as well, though they might not be as visible. This strip I threw away, just in case if you are wondering about dodgy practices.


This Veet Spawax is a good home tool, if you can stand the messy wax drying on the edges. That is why the first picture had the lid on, the insides are too unsightly to show. Leg and body waxing is a perfect way to procrastinate, and at least you are doing something while not doing what you are supposed to do.



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