Legends & Lattes have Coffee, Friendship and Adventures

Legends and Lattes” is what author Travis Baldree calls cosy fantasy. He wants to have something that is heartwarming, fun and yet full of adventure and doubts.

The story starts with Viv the Orc killing a big monster and then abandoning her share of the treasure, leaving with only the Scalvert Stone. It features heavily in the story for good reasons, and it ties it wonderfully with Viv’s character as a battle-hardened mercenary.

Alternative Cover for Legends & Lattes

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This cover appears in black and white inside the book, and it features Viv herself, and a succubus named Thandri. You can see their radiant smiles as Viv holds a pot and a cup. Do you know Thune does not know what a coffee is?


Viv leaves her lucrative life of treasure hunting and monster slaying for a slower pace of cafe operation. Only every business owner knows it is a different type of adrenaline rush.

The start

Right off the bat, it is hard not to want Viv to succeed, despite the odds. No one knows what a coffee is; and worse, no one’s heard of a coffee shop! She manages to find a Hobgoblin named Calamity, who turns out to be a miracle worker.

Then things pick up slowly, and Viv is ready for it. And readers get to experience the anxiety and fear that her dreams might combust in a coffee cloud. But wait! She’s got Thandri.

Thandri is a succubus, but she’s also a smart being with beautiful handwriting and good business sense. I guess we can call her the realist, while Viv is the pragmatic dreamer.

Cafe Comes Alive!

Once business picks up, it attracts unlikely customers. But in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, no one’s really normal. We have Pendry, a wannabe bard with a strange instrument. Then a dire-cat calls the cafe its home. No cafe is complete without baked goods- the cover has it. The yummy food is the work of a rattkin named Thimblet.

When you have success, there will be some who come sniffing for trouble. “Legends & Lattes” does not shy away from uglier parts of things: the betrayal and jealousies. Ultimately, true friendship wins, and we get a satisfying closure.

If this is a DnD game, it would be quite satisfying. Even if you are unfamiliar with the character’s form, their personalities are clearly human.


As the author Travis Badree is an audiobook reader and a fan of the game, the story reads well. The pace is just right, and you feel you are on the journey with Viv. You will share anxieties, secrets and the joy when your hard work comes into fruition.

Truly a book worth reading, even if it is for fun.


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