The Less Crumbly Lego for An Enthusiastic Kid

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Do you know the worst thing about owning these little bricks of Lego?

Stepping on it, right? Wrong! It’s the missing parts.

In my household, Lego is still a novelty for that little brat, mainly because the poor kid does not get much toys. If you ask me, toy library rules. Imaging saving so much money and space, not having toys that you only see out for a few times. So Prince Brat really does not have much to call his own, except Lego, because he asks for it. Prince Brat so far as a few sets for his 4th birthday.

This is by far my favorite set, despite the age is targeted at six and above (really it should say 6- 99 and not 6- 12), Prince Brat had managed to convince his grandpa he is up to it. To my annoyance, this huge 694 piece set of Lego is a nightmare to install. 8 tiny bags of Lego waiting to become something special to a little kid. Little wonder why this brand is so popular since my time.

If you are evil like me, you would have spread the installation to as many days as you can stretched it. I loved how the Brat was behaving so well for the sake of this new box of Lego. I kid you not, he ate his meals and kept his toys away for the days that he wanted me to piece it up for him. He is almost four, and he tried doing it himself.
but he keeps getting distracted. In the end, he plays with the wing while waiting for me to put it up for him. It is hard work getting everything together, because someone kept trying to play an unfinished plane.

Why this Lego is less crumbly, especially the plane.

The Lego plane itself is 19cm tall, 47cm long and 50cm wide including wings. Despite the size of it, and how Prince Brat likes to take it up and down the living room, it holds well. Many of his other sets cannot withstand the manhandling, and will just crumble into parts. You know what I mean right? That nightmarish sound of crashing followed by crying.

It is very annoying, especially when I also have a newborn baby. Crumbly Lego = missing parts= choking hazard. Worse still, the parts are hard to replace because I don’t have a Lego store in Adelaide. The pain…

How it manages to stay looking like a plane? It uses connector pegs and axles. The pegs are sturdier and hold the plane together very well. The only parts that fall of are the winglets and vertical stabilizer, plus they are big parts, I mean the plane’s body, it is about four big pieces. This is probably the set you should get for your kids, particularly if rough playing is part of it. Of course, not one of the cheapest sets you can get.

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