Lies She Told : Book Review

Lies She Told
Author: Cate Holahan
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Source: Netgalley

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Lies She Told is almost like a movie

Except that this is a book and you have to watch it in your own head. The story starts violently, leaving wonder what is going to happen next, only to realize that it is a work of fiction by the author and first person narrator Liza. So you read on, because Liza seems to be writing a cool book. Lies She Told starts off without any big fanfare, but you know that it would be good.

Now you have two stories side by side, you have Liza and her baby obsession; then you have Beth (the character Liza invented) and her obsession with her new born baby. The both stories are compelling, it depict’s a woman’s struggle with family.

It is not a warm fuzzy feeling, because this is a mystery and thriller. Whatever soul seeking you are doing, this book is not for you. Because things start to get ugly by the middle, for both stories. I am amazed how the author could twist it so masterfully, I didn’t see it coming!

Verdict: I didn’t see it coming

Lies She Told is wonderful because the whole thing is surprising. I did suspect something, but the ending is something that I cannot spoil.

Lies She Told will leave all mystery and Thriller fans happy and satisfied, you will never guess what lies beyond the lies. Share on X

My only gripe is the title, which does not seem to fit with the story. However, it is generic and boring enough to not give away any juicy part that lets you guess. My recommendation is to read it, because it is how a good book should be done. Well, not really, there are still some issues. If you are character driven, then this book might fall a bit below your expectations. Liza and Beth’s problems overshadow their personality and stopped me from getting to know them better.

I am a plot driven person, so the plot is amazing! Or maybe I am not reading enough books? The story is one that I might remember for a while.


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