LifeLike versus Men Without Women

LifeLike versus Men Without Women

Let’s be honest, these are 2 totally different books that it is not possible to compare between the Lifelike and Men Without Women.  What is the point then, putting these 2 books side by side?

One is Science Fiction in a dystopian world, the other is a real life setting based in Japan now. No matter which, the the only thing these 2 share is the relationship: dysfunctional.

First up: LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike)

Author: Jay Kristoff
Genre: Sci- Fi/ dystopian/ action adventure/ YA

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Readers of Jay Kristoff will be familiar with this title. Not sure which cover you preferred, but I think the Australian cover is cool, and it sums the whole story up. Romeo and Juliet meets X- men and Mad Max. Surely it is every Sci- Fi/ Dystopian reader’s dream.

Set in the future where Word War 3 made the world a radiated place to live in, the story is about Eve and her friend Lemon Fresh meeting a Lifelike, a robot/ android who is like human. Together, the story shifts between the past and the current timeline. Mainly for the reader’s benefit of understanding the back story before Jay Kristoff eventually throws us off into the deep end like he usually does. The relationship rules in Lifelike is amazingly simple, yet complicated. Friendship between Eve and Bestie Lemon is constantly tested. Her relationship with grandpa was what made her embark in this journey. Ezekiel? well that’s the Romeo in the story.

What Can You Expect?

A lot of world building, the author had created a wonderful and bizarre new world after men made androids/ robot more sophisticated than they are now. The adventure is like a real RPG game, constantly wondering where to go next. It is fun and exciting if you are into this genre. The past history time line is set a few years back, where a major event took place. Soon, readers will realise and wonder what will happen in the next instalment.

If you are not good at waiting, probably let this book sit in your TBR until book 2 gets out. Trust me, better than throwing such a pretty book to the wall.

Book 2 : Men Without Women

Men Without Women/ 女のいない男たち (Onnano i nai otokotachi)
Author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: contemporary, short story
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Not to be confused with Ernest Hemingway’s book of the same title, but this book is also a collection of short stories. Set mostly in Japan (there’s one in Prague if not mistaken), Haruki Murakami makes us observe/ read/ watch how 7 different men live lives without a female counterpart. Some chose to be single, while others were widowed or divorced. In this book, there is not real story line, so I struggled to accept and enjoy the book as it is. Does it reflect Japanese men in general? Or does it imply that all men/ relationships will become this way eventually?

Through his unique lens, Haruki allows the readers to see things through different point of views. While I am a fan of Haruki Murakami, this one I DNF sadly. It is not because it is bad, I am just not into short stories in general. The lack of a full picture is something I have always struggled with. Even though he tries, the characters in the book does not shine like they do. Overall, this is a great book if you are a fan of short stories.

I do feel bad saying that I DNF this book, but with the lack of time I did struggle to finish.

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