Model’s Own Lip Finale Review

Model’s Own Lip Finale Review

This was not expensive, The Model’s Own Lip Finale cost less than $AUD 10 after the discount, not a huge hole in the pocket. I was browsing the shelves in Priceline with my mom when I spotted this little thing. Liquid Lip Sealer! Your lips can look kissable all the time, just a swipe or two. I hate reapplying lip stick, mainly because of laziness. It is only at work that I have the habit of reapplying my makeup, though sometimes I forget. Problem with my job, is that I have to see people. Bigger problem is, I have to talk and drink lots of water.

Little wonder why this Lip Finale sang out to me, it’s like: come buy me ~ I’m good for you.

What’s In It?


Alcohol dominates! Sound the alarm, this is going to be one terrible product. But wait! there’s aloe vera in it, surely it cannot be that bad right? Read the promise: sealed with this waterproof lip sealer. It can make my lips kiss- proof as well. Who am I kissing by the way? Oh my children, maybe. The flavor/ aroma can be ignored by this point. Once the cap is unscrewed, you only smell the sweet sweet smell of alcohol. I will not be surprised if I fail a random breath test when I apply this thing. As I am writing this review, I think this should come with a fire hazard logo.

The bottle doesn’t specifically say it: but this is made in Taiwan. Not in the UK, it is designed and developed, not made. One of the reasons I bought it, because it was made in Taiwan. If it was Made in China I wouldn’t have bought it. Even though I have seen/ read labels such as not tested on animals on products that are Made in China, I think it’s a lot of bull. That is one claim that I have not have the opportunity to check. If you (someone) know, please let me know if cosmetics that are made in China can be cruelty free? Due to the laws there, a lot of grey area. There is no cruelty- free label on this one, though the website does not state it either.

Lip Finale Application : on the Lips, not on the Nails


With the brush applicator, I just swipe onto my lip…. and…


who dreams up things like this? Here have a lip sealer that burns your lips while it works! Maybe it’s just me? Though the initial sting is around a second, then in dries off. My lip colour does not change, not visibly at first stage. First thing I tried was drinking coffee after my make up, life goes on after you get pretty. Okay, this passed the sealing test- the lipstick did not transfer onto the cup. Hooray for Lip Finale! I’m gonna use it every day… this is the best thing for make up since unicorn brushes!


There is a slight issue

Somehow, it does change the lipstick composition somewhat. Wiping it off my face absentmindedly, you can see tiny specks of lipstick instead of an even shade. Basically, the sealer kills moisture to seal it, but you risk making your lipstick turn funky like this. Imagine people noticing that your lip is freckled with tiny dots… That was what mine looked like when the photo was taken. From home to work took about thirty minutes, a swipe later… I had to reapply my lipstick.


I wonder if I can have my money back.

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