L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert Review

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert has been released in some countries already, but here in Australia it is going to be a new product, and I get to try it *yay*

my sample of warm brunette

I got chosen for trial in Beauty Heaven, picking Warm Brunette as my preferred shade. To me, the three shade options looked the same brown, but I am wrong because I’m not a very detailed person. I am happy though, because I have been using the same old Kate Kanebo brow palette for years!

How It LooksIMG_20170725_144557491


Just like any brow pencil I suppose. The Brow Artist has a rotating cylinder that brings up more of the product as you go along. This is after I accidentally dropped it, and the top broke off. As you can see, the rest of it is intact.

At the bottom, where my hand partially covers it, is the brush. Simple design of the name on the side. No flashy pictures of bling, kind of like a plain Jane. And the cover of the pencil is the color of the shade, which I think it’s a good idea. Overall I approve of the seemingly boring design, because we all cannot judge a pencil by its cover.

The Review

Post- cleanse face…

I wasn’t going anywhere so I didn’t bother to do up my face before using the pencil. If you are doing makeup, I guess it is up to you when you want to do your brows. My usual routine is brows first, that way I can still look proper even without eye make on. Nowadays, eye shadows go last for me, time is of the essence and that is not the most important place *for me* to color in.

A good lippie can draw the attention away from boring eyes, not that I am trying to make people notice me. All I need for a proper looking face is brows and lips, though I am sure that some people would disagree. So tell me which is more important to you.

after pencil before brush

Yes, I know it looks really awful! I was tempted to ditch this by washing it off, but I decided to give it a brush. The formulation of the pencil is good: smooth easy strokes without pulling or hitching. You would be happy to know that this is even better that using the brow pallete! Well, to me anyway.

I can’t do an close up, because there was a baby trying to climb on my legs. I could draw this in 10 seconds, so bravo.

ain’t half bad? After brush

My brows definitely looked more filled it and natural, compared to the photo above (right?). This is after just a around four brush strokes, I hesitated to do a fifth. The overall look is good, because it does look slightly filled in but not like I had drawn it in with a crayon.


I love it! The Brow Artist is here to stay! It is also travel friendly because it is a pencil with brush in the end. But my Kate Kanebo Eye Brow N Palette does have one distinct advantage over it. The N palette can double as a contouring palette, while this is a professional eye brow beautifier.

Glad I have both now =D


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