Lucifer’s Sin

Lucifer’s Sin is now Luke’s Sin

Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Walker Security: Lucifer 1
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Buy link: Kindle

When the devil meets his angel…

The story begins 6 years before, where Lucas/ Luke “Lucifer” Remington met FBI agent Ana Banks. She brought him to his knees, literally. From the get go, we know he can be charming when he wants to be, but he’s also a person you don’t mess around.

6 years later

Lucifer joins Walker Security, and he’s a valued member of the team. Even now, his past stays hidden, except for Ana. When he received a phone call from her godfather, Jake. Ana’s on a hitlist, and Lucifer travels to Colorado to make sure she stays alive.

That’s a lot when the girl hates your guts.

That’s what love does. I suppose, you are willing to take a bullet if it means something.

The Romance in Lucifer’s Sin

Ana and Lucifer have a lot of issues to sort out romantically. There are obviously some misunderstandings that led to the fallout, and I am keen to find out what it is. They kinda have to do it quick, because…

There’s someone trying to kill her

She’s on a hit list, and he’s trying to make sure that she stays alive long enough to find out why someone wants her dead. With his trustworthy band of assholes brothers, Luke hopefully has enough ammo to keep her alive, and she’s a good enough shooter to help him.


I don’t like cliffhangers, which is one reason I was not happy with the ending in Lucifer’s Sin. I know it is part of a series, and the pace reflects that. But damn, I thought it was bad enough that Luke and Ana still have unresolved issues. Lisa Renee Jones has the experience of keeping you wanting more, but if you hate cliffhangers like me, best to get the whole set or wait for the whole set.

Post Edit:

I have revisited Amazon and there’s a new title and cover! I totally dig the new version of Luke’s Sin!

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