Lumiskin Kasi Review

Lumiskin Kasi Review

I got this Lumiskin from a reward points exchange in  so I didn’t pay for it. This is the Lumiskin Kasi, the device that also has thermal care capabilities including sonic technology. So it looks like something else, I must admit. Even my husband raised his eyebrows when I took it out.

What was inside the box: A nice little bag, a cable to charge, manual and the Kasi. The device has two sides, the bristled side and a studded side. Yes it feels funny saying that too.

What Can it do?

The Kasi is selling at $149.00 in Australia’s shaver shop. The machine has an IPX 7 waterproof rating and around 150 uses between each charges.  The good thing about this device, triumphing Clarisonic, is the dual use. Clarisonic is a strictly cleansing device, while Kasi and its other models can massage skin though the studded area.

Hence, you clean with one side, and massage with the other. To know which mode, there are 2 lights below the device: orange for thermal vibrate, and white for sonic. The plus and minus is to increase or decrease intensity.


As you remember that I had the Bijouna Hot and Cold device (review). Like the Kasi, it does cleanse and moisturise. But I got the Bijouna that is not sonic, just a normal hot and cold. The smooth metal surface makes it easier to clean and remain sanitary. While the Kasi allows massaging sensations and deeper clean.

With the arrival of these new devices that can allow better skin care, I hesitate to recommend the Lumiskin Kasi. I used it, I liked it, but it also made my sensitive skin hurt. This is not really meant for those with sensitive skin. The Bijouna is better if your skin is sensitive, or you cannot handle the bristles.

Price point: Bijouna without sonic technology is cheaper, though you can buy the sonic version at the same price.

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