Lying To Children : It is actually fiction Review

Lying to Children
Author: Alex Shahla
Publisher: Fitzwilde LLC
Genre: Humor, General Fiction (Adult)
Publication Date: June 17

Lying To Children is actually fiction!

My heart shattered a little when I found out, it wasn’t easy realizing that the whole book has been a lie. Well played author, well played. There is nothing mature or traumatizing about this book if you are a kid, but it’s adult fiction because Lying to Children is for the parents (teenage or adult), and kids just won’t understand.

It is a book, or a letter from a father to his children. I think it is for both his children, as the youngest one just left for college. Lying to Children addressed to Annabelle and Peter, and the book is hilarious! Because I relate to it so much, well, except for some parts, I’m a mom after all.

Imagine Ted Mosby (from How I Met Your Mother) writing this to his kids, Lying to Children features a lot of off topic conversations, while trying to tell a story. He keeps getting side tracked, but still could come back to the main story. I will admit it got annoying sometimes, but hey… he’s a dad with a mission.

Parenting fails, honest admissions, and hopes. Lying to Children is a dad’s hopes and dreams to his children, and telling a story worth repeating. It may be fiction, it is an honest one. It made me feel like it was really a father’s letter to his children, a well written one.


Do you have a loving father? This might be a great present for fathers day!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads out there (intentionally or not). Lying to Children is a book written for you by Alex Shahla Share on X

Why do I like it? It resonates with me as a parent, it made me realize that there are worse parents out there. Best part is that Lying to Children made me realize that I am not alone, that people do feel lost and scared some times, we are just better at hiding it.

If you want a good laugh, or an eye roll… keep this one

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